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Site update

I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday. After a fitfull start Monday, the basic site is up and several new bloggers are blogging.

Technical issues continue to be debugged and the site should get better every day. The problem with commenting logins will continue for a few more days, though.

Some of the WordPress plugins are buggy and we’re working those out too. The blogs should start to get more sophisticated and unique as the users get used to WP (including the administrators who are learning WP at a furious pace).

Among the new bloggers signed up are:

From the Right – by John Ellinwood, a conservative and frequent blogger who is the former president of the Oro Valley Republican Club. He’ll be writing about local, state and national politics.

Data Port – by Art Jacobson, a retired writer and journalist who will write mostly about politics and the media. But he’s been blogging Data Port for a couple of years and judging by his archive, he’s likely to write about anything.

Veteran Veritas – by Mike Brewer, a former Marine and Vietnam veteran who has been involved in veterans’ issues for 30 years. He’s also a downtown gadfly and I’m trying to get him to write about that, too, but his real expertise is veterans’ affairs.

Tucson Sci-Fi – by Pablo Bey. He’s a little hard to describe. Click on his blog and read his bio info. He’ll mostly write about science fiction and horror media, but he’s an eclectic guy and it’s likely his blog will be too.

The Logical Lizard – by Geoff Notkin,  “a science writer and columnist, a television documentary host, meteorite hunter, photographer, musician and artist.” He will be writing about all those topics.

Fashion Edge – by staff of the Razor’s Edge, a clothing store for people with… um … an edgy taste in clothing. Check out the blog. It’s either your scene or it isn’t. If it is, it should be a fun blog.

Artistic Tucson – will be written by a numerous Tucson artists about the Tucson art scene and art in general.

Metromix – Polly Higgins is a Citizen staffer still awaiting news of her fate who has been the head of Metromix for the past year. She will blog about events and entertainment options in Tucson that can be found in Metromix.

Zoom Zoom Tuson – Keith Ames will blog about Tucson’s racing scene.

There are numerous other blogs in the works about numerous issues that should start up during the rest of this week and next.

I know some readers have been frustrated with the change but the site should get better every day. Roll out of the full redesigned site is still on schedule for the end of the month, if not sooner.

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