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Miracle Mile, Grant eastbound I-10 exits open

The end is near.

ADOT opened the Miracle Mile and Grant Road exit ramps on eastbound I-10 last night. It opened the Speedway off ramp a few weeks ago.

On the westbound side, the off ramps remain closed but the on ramps at Grant and Miracle Mile have been open for a month. I’m checking to see if ADOT has opened the Speedway on ramp westbound yet.

Plus, Sundt started paving the remaining section of I-10 still closed to traffic – St. Mary’s to 29th St. eastbound. That means in a week or so, it should open that section to traffic and the freeway reconstruction will be essentially completed.

All that will remain is putting rubberized asphalt down on the 29th to St. Mary’s westbound side, fixing up the on and off ramps, landscaping, signage and painting. Woo hoo (as the kids say).

I have to say I predicted this reconstruction would be a disaster for Tucson commuters and the local economy. The first part never came true and the economy going into the crapper had little to do with road construction. In fact, the I-10 job probably helped a little by keeping a few dozen hard hats employed.

Kudos to ADOT, Sundt and the city of Tucson. Sometimes government does work well.

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