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Today’s poll: How’d the Legislature do this year?

In a Q&A interview in the Aug. 7 Arizona Capitol Times, Rep. Andy Tobin, R-Paulden, the House’s majority whip, said this past legislative session was one of the best in a decade for Republicans. And that’s despite the Republican-led Legislature failing to pass a state budget the Republican governor would sign.

In the article, Tobin said:

Well, look at what we’ve been able to do. The pro-life agenda has been incredible. We’ve been stopped for the last (six) years trying to put that pro-life agenda together. The Second Amendment right agenda has been phenomenal. The business agenda has also been phenomenal, with the repal of the equalization tax, tax cuts going forward and the single-assessment ratio.

I think that it would be hard to go back in recent history to find a more efficient and Repbulcian agenda getting through. We were able to move some signifcant pro-business nd pro-family and pro-American legislation. I think it’s pretty incredible.

Nearly all of the laws passed by Legislature this session go into effect today. How do you think the Legislature and the Republicans did this past year?

Rate the state Legislature's performance this year
One of the best legislative sessions we've ever had: 10%
One of the worst legislative sessions we've ever had: 73%
There were some good laws passed, but no balanced budget makes it a bad session overall: 16%
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