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Monday’s poll: Obama’s Nobel

Well, the Norwegians who choose who gets the Nobel Peace Prize did the Obama Administration no favors last week (as I’m sure you’ve heard).

Even ardent liberals and Obama lovers are scratching their heads and saying he doesn’t really deserve it.

But ardent conservatives and Obama haters are apoplectic about it (even more than they usually are about Obama).

For me, the real story is who nominated him. Nominations for the prize were due Feb. 1, about 11 days after he became President.

Much of the acrimony over the prize centers on the fact that Obama hasn’t really accomplished much peace-wise in the nine months he’s been President. But he hadn’t accomplished anything in the 11 days he was President before the nominations were due, if the awarding committee followed its rules. If it didn’t, and tossed those who were nominated late in the process for Obama just to make some sort of political statement against the Bush administration, than the value of the prize is sullied even more.

I’d also like to know who was nominated but didn’t win.

But, in terms of poll questions, the best one is what Obama should do about it. He’s already said he’d accept it and will donate his $1 million winnings but he has until next month to change his mind.

What do you think he should do?

What should Obama do about the Nobel Peace Prize?
Accept it and donate the money to American charities, as he said he'd do.: 41%
Accept it and donate it to Iraq and Afghanistan charities.: 5%
Accept it and donate the money to the budget defecit.: 6%
Reject it.: 41%
Other (add your comments below about what your "other" is): 4%
189 users voted
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