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No rental tax, no Tucson police, fire layoffs

The Tucson City Council at its study session at the TCC this afternoon to discuss balancing this year’s budget and next year’s has rejected the city manager’s proposed rent tax.

It followed that by agreeing not to layoff any police or firefighters. City Manager Mike Letcher said the only way to avoid police and fire layoffs was if the council passed a rent tax.

That means the $32 million shortfall in the city budget this fiscal year has to be balanced on the backs of parks and recreation, city-supported social services and arts and culture organizations.

Plus, city staff will likely have to take a pay cut, including police and fire. The pay cut is being debated now.

Letcher says he’ll do what he’s told but he’s trying to convince them that he can’t balance the budget the way they’re tying his hands.

He doesn’t look happy.

The meeting’s live online if you want to watch the festivities.

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