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Glassman needs to stop exploring and start running

Rodney Glassman is becoming the Lewis and Clark of U.S. Senate candidates – he keeps exploring and exploring and exploring whether to run for U.S. Senate.

He’s been “exploring”  since October.

October?! You can’t make up your mind in five months?

He needs to decide if he wants to be the Tucson councilman for Ward 2, or the guy who gets crushed by John McCain in November (does anyone really think J.D. “Abramoff” Hayworth has a chance in the GOP primary, tea party or no tea party?).

If he was really serious about being the U.S. Senator for Arizona, he’d be running, not exploring. And he’d be just returning from his 10th or 11th campaign trip to Phoenix.

If he wants to have even the remotest chance of winning, he needs to break open the family checkbook and start airing a couple million dollars worth of ads in the Phoenix market while at the same time shaking every hand of every Phoenician he can between now and Nov. 2.

He can’t win if he doesn’t break even with McCain in Maricopa County (Pima County could then put him over the top irrespective of the conservative gains here recently. Tucson remains the bluest of counties). He can’t do that if no one in Maricopa County has ever heard of the guy.

At the risk of mixing my explorers: Rodney, it only took Columbus two months to find the New World, surely you can find the courage to run for Senate in five months. Run or fold up your tent and go home (to mix my metaphor).

Text of Glassman’s latest press release:

Tucson Vice Mayor Rodney Glassman’s exploratory campaign unveiled its new web site today, outlining his life story of hard work and service; his mainstream Arizona values and key issues that he would tackle as a new voice in Washington, D.C.
Visit www.rodneyglassman.com, to learn more about Glassman, as he continues to test the waters for a Senate run.

Sen. John McCain has again changed course, promising to represent the views of a narrow and extreme minority and to stop listening to moderate and independent voices whose opinions differ from the Far Right. This tactic failed and the six-term senator still drew the challenge from former six-term Congressman J.D. Hayworth, who promises to represent an even narrower constituency.

The majority of Arizona deserves representation and Glassman has been criss-crossing Arizona listening to Arizonans eager for common-solutions that reflect those mainstream values the state holds toward a common purpose.

Glassman’s web site, designed by dedicated volunteers, is an introduction to the voters of Arizona and a step along the way.

He is asking for $20 donations from Arizonans of all walks of life to keep this effort moving forward.

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