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It’s time for the Legislature to sine die

Why is the Arizona Legislature still in session?

Sine Die already. Go home. Stop writing more laws we don’t need.

The primary duty of the Legislature is to pass a budget. They did that. In March. It’s almost May so why are they still up there writing laws?

Are not the Republican leaders of our Legislature supposed to loathe more government? Then why are they writing more laws that create more government? Perhaps it’s only half a loathe.

Legislators dropped more than 1,200 bills this year and have passed 114 as of Friday. Gov. Brewer has signed 111.

The writing of laws, other than the budget, is meant to right wrongs, solve problems or provide for the common health, safety and welfare.

How does requiring presidential candidates to show proof of citizenship to get on the Arizona ballot do any of those? Are there great hordes of foreign-born presidential candidates who have slipped by the notice of the Congress in the past and only Arizona is patriotic enough to stand in the door and say, “None shall pass?”

Or is this just our Republican leaders’ clever way of saying they think Obama is an illegitimate president?

What wrong or social ill was eradicated by allowing anyone regardless of training and experience to secretly carry a deadly firearm?

The second Amendment protects our right to bear arms. It’s silent on whether you can secretly bear arms. So what good does this law do? If the idea were to make citizens safer, wouldn’t those afraid of other citizens (or their government) deter more ne’er-do-wells (or their government) by toting semi-automatic rifles on their shoulder, like that guy at the Obama speech in Tempe last year, than secreting a Glock in their pants?

Why make bad guys guess? Carry that hog leg out in the open Wyatt Earp-style, tough guy (or gal, as the case may be).

But these two laws aren’t the only head scratchers. Among the new laws supposedly vital to the health and welfare of Arizonans are:

• A new unpaid state holiday on Feb. 8 honoring Boy Scouts.

• New license plates honoring Masons and “agricultural youth organizations.”

• Volunteers who spray weed killer for a county, town or city don’t need a license from the Structural Pest Control Commission.

• Guns or ammo made, sold and owned in Arizona are not subject to federal regulation.

• Homeowner associations can’t ban temporary home-for-sale open house signs.

• Maricopa County community college board members will now serve four-year terms instead of six.

Certainly they have passed laws this year that were important and did provide for the health and welfare of Arizonans. But most of what our part-time legislators are doing now is grandstanding for the upcoming elections.

Enough already. Go home and run for office and we’ll see most of you back here next year where you can resume creating more government you despise.

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