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Bill Buckmaster taking his dulcet voice to radio

Bill Buckmaster, the host of Arizona Illustrated on KUAT for 23 years, is leaving the public television station to host his own hour-long radio show on KJLL.

I’ve been a regular fill-in on Buckmaster’s Friday Roundtable for about a year and he’s asked me to be a regular guest on his radio show.

Buckmaster’s jazzed about the radio show and his brand of journalism, more Charlie Rose than Bill O’Reilly, is badly needed in this age of shout radio and scream cable.

I look forward to working with him on his new endeavor.

Here’s his release on his new show:

For immediate release
Buckmaster returns to his radio broadcast roots!
Tucson, AZ – October 4, 2010 – After 23 years as host of “Arizona Illustrated”, the nightly newsmagazine on KUAT-TV PBS 6, Bill Buckmaster is launching a new media venture. Starting January 3, 2011, Buckmaster brings his wealth of media experience and news insights to AM 1330, KJLL Tucson’s Jolt talk radio station with his new interview radio show Buckmaster. Tucson’s AM 1330 KJLL is an independent talk radio station with a following of 35 to 65 year old male and female working professionals and parents concerned about their community.  The Jolt features 8 of the top 25 Talk Show hosts in America.
Buckmaster is a professional media communicator with over four decades of media experience in television, radio, wire service and magazines. Buckmaster has received five individual Emmy Award nominations and the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Rocky Mountain Chapter inducted him into its prestigious Silver Circle Society in honor of his lifetime achievements in the television industry acknowledging his major contributions in 25 plus years in television broadcasting.
Buckmaster says:
“I am very excited about this new opportunity to present to radio listeners a local, interview-driven talk show. I feel that this will be an opportunity for the community to hear from a wide range of newsmakers from many fields including politics, education, health, science, environment, international affairs and the media. Buckmaster is a radio program that will focus on the guests and will allow listeners to make up their own minds on the important issues facing Tucson and Arizona.”
Buckmaster will continue to provide the in-depth analysis and perspective that his television audience has experienced in more than 5,000 interviews over the past 23 years. Buckmaster says “We don’t just tell you what happened today, we provide perspective by giving you the whole history of the subject.” The “Friday Focus” will be the region’s must listen to forum on issues providing thoughtful, in-depth analysis. Also on Friday, Buckmaster will sit down with regional media representatives who will sound off on Arizona’s top stories. Buckmaster has the ability to present complex issues in easily understandable content without talking down to listeners.
Andrew Greeley says:
“Buckmaster is a dedicated professional! During his over twenty year tenure as managing editor and anchor of Arizona Public Media’s Arizona Illustrated, he supported me in publicizing numerous authors I hosted at Borders on Oracle Road and Barnes & Noble on Broadway. Buckmaster was particularly gracious to my cousin, Father Andrew Greeley, well known bestselling author in a variety of genres including, mystery, science fiction, and poetry. I know I speak for the Literary Partners Group team on how thrilled we are to play a major role in Buckmaster’s return to his first love, commercial radio broadcasting.”

John C. Scott says:
Buckmaster is truly one of Arizona’s great newscasters. His thousands of interviews have informed Southern Arizona for over two decades. KJLL is proud to announce that Buckmaster will host his own radio show Monday through Friday from 9:00 to10:00 a.m. Buckmaster will rebroadcast again each evening from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. giving listeners two opportunities each day to tune in. Buckmaster is part of a continuing broadcast link between KJLL and Tucson. With local news and interviews declining in the market, Buckmaster fills a void of reduced local information. Buckmaster brings his broadcast mastery to AM 1330.  Buckmaster is set to debut on Monday January 3, 2011.”

Buckmaster has received numerous awards, recognition and trophies including:
¶  Tucson Lifestyle Magazine’s “Best of City” award.
¶  Highest rated locally produced news and public affairs program among affiliates of the Public Broadcast System (PBS).
¶  The inaugural Alzheimer’s Disease Public Awareness Award for his ongoing efforts to increase public awareness of Alzheimer’s Disease.
¶  Named Asteroid Honor: “20084 Buckmaster” by The International Astronomical Union’s Small Bodies Committee. Walter Cronkite is the only other broadcaster so honored.
Dr. David Levy, one of the world’s most renowned comet discoverers says:
“Wendee and I have worked with Bill Buckmaster for many years. He is one of the finest broadcasters I have ever known. His relaxed style of interviewing almost camouflages his sharp wit and intense detailed and penetrating knowledge of the world.”
Buckmaster as managing editor and hands-on anchor will do much of the research, writing and generation of story ideas while working with a distinguished group of contributing editors.
Buckmaster Contributing Editors include:
¶ Military and Foreign Affairs
General John Wickham, Jr., former Chief of Staff, U-S Army

¶ Science
Dr. David Levy, comet discover, former Parade Magazine science editor, and founder of “Sharing The Sky Foundation”

¶ Health
Victoria Maizes, M.D., Executive Director of the UA-based Center for Integrative Medicine

¶ Nutrition
Jack Challem, publisher of the national newsletter, “The Nutrition Reporter”

¶ Consumer Affairs
Tom Collier, former TV consumer affairs reporter

¶ Media
Jim Nintzel, “Tucson Weekly”; Linda Valdez, “Arizona Republic”; Mark Evans, “TucsonCitizen.com”; Sarah Garrecht Gassen, “Arizona Daily Star”; John C. Scott, “Tucson’s Jolt”; Dan Shearer, “Green Valley News”

¶ Commentators
John Munger, former Arizona gubernatorial candidate; Vince Rabago, former Arizona Attorney General candidate;  Bruce Ash, Republican National Committeeman; Paul Eckerstrom, former Pima County Democratic Party Chair

¶ Environment
Mitch Tobin, former Arizona Daily Star reporter and author

¶ Restaurants, Entertainment and Hospitality
Matt Russell, host of On the Menu Live!

¶ Legal
Donald Loose, managing partner of Loose, Brown and Associates, P.C. and author of Arizona Laws 101, A handbook for non-lawyers and Estate Planning in Arizona: What You Need to Know.

¶ Education
Dr. J. Robert Hendricks, Associate Professor & Head, Department of Educational Policy Studies and Practice, University of Arizona College of Education

Buckmaster is a co-production of Bill Buckmaster Communications, L.L.C. and Literary Partners Group, L.L.C.

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