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Accidental governor no more, Brewer wins her own term

Jan Brewer has apparently soundly trounced Terry Goddard in the race for Arizona governor. With about 50 percent of the state’s precincts reporting, Brewer has a 15 percentage point lead over Goddard.

For Goddard to win, he would have to receive two out of every three outstanding votes, which in this night of the Republican seems highly unlikely.

Brewer became governor two years ago when President Barack Obama tapped Janet Napolitano to be Homeland Security Director. Brewer was Secretary of State. She now wins a full, four-year term.

In Pima County, incumbent representatives Gabrielle Giffords and Raul Grijalva have slight leads over their respective GOP challengers, Jesse Kelly and Ruth McClung.

In the race for U.S. Senate, Rodney Glassman, a former Tucson City Councilman, is well behind Sen. John McCain with the Associated Press already calling the race based on exit polls.

In statewide races, Republicans lead in every race by wide margins.

For up to the minute results, see the SOS elections results website.

Or follow the Arizona Republic’s live election coverage.

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