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Pima County Sheriff’s Office asks for no Westboro counter protests

PCSO press release:

There is some concern about protesters causing a disruption at the funeral and memorial services of the victims from this weekend’s tragic shooting.

There is a possibility that Westboro Baprist Church, an organization from Kansas will be protesting the funerals. Information from intelligence received indicates that Westboro will not be attending the funerals. If they are present, all information that has been received indicates that any protesting will be done in a peaceful, non-disruptive manner. There is also information that the citizens of Pima County will attend the services in opposition of the protestors.

The Pima County Sheriff’s Department is continuing to work with other law enforcement agencies in a coordinated effort to ensure the funeral services are uninterrupted. There will be law enforcement on scene to handle any matters involving protestors. If the protestors do cause a disturbance, they will be dealt with in accordance with Arizona State Law.

We are asking that private citizens refrain from participating in a “counter-protest.” Please do not interfere with law enforcement officials doing their jobs. The faster these incidents can be stopped, the less disruption to the family members who are mourning.

Deputy Renee Carlson
Public Information Officer
Pima County Sheriff’s Department

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