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Who won the Great Debt Debate?

Now that the Senate has passed the derogated debt ceiling bill, who do you think comes out the winner?

Right now, Washington is nothing but recriminations and reproaches as everyone denies ownership and tries to pin the parts that their supporters hate the most on their political opponents with the excuse it had to be done in the spirit of compromise.

But is everyone a loser? Or will the fallout from this be toxic to some but bountiful to a few?

Will some reap the whirlwind while some reap the harvest?

In the long run, who won?

Cast your vote below.

Who won the Great Debt Debate?
President Obama: 14%
Speaker John Boehner: 6%
Sen. Harry Reid: 0%
Sen. Mitch McConnell: 0%
Rep. Michelle Bachmann: 0%
Sen. Jim Demint: 0%
Rep. Eric Cantor: 1%
Republicans: 3%
Democrats: 1%
The Tea Party: 7%
Americans: 0%
No one, we all lost: 62%
Other (nominate your winner in the comments): 1%
407 users voted
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