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Norwegian TV show looking for unique Arizonans, sites to visit

A Norwegian TV show called “Uncle America” is working it’s way across the country telling the story of Norwegians in American, namely Norwegian Americans related to famous Norwegians.

But the show’s hosts are also doing a travelogue of off-beat America, kind of a Norwegian version of Ricky Gervais’ new show “An Idiot Abroad.”

Here’s the email and contact info if you have suggestions for the show:

My name is Sven Storberget and I work as a researcher for a Norwegian TV show called Uncle in America. Our two TV show hosts are traveling across America, and in a in the beginning of February we are coming to Arizona/Phoenix to make an episode.
I´m sending this e-mail to you as co-workers, hoping that you have some helpful tips and information for me.
The show is totally 10 episodes – all in different states. In each episode the hosts track down a relative of a famous Norwegian, and that is the end station in each episode. But before they meet this relative – on their way there – they want to do and experience interesting things and meet fascinating people in the places they visit. Like a road trip with different stops. Totally in Arizona we are thinking of four or five different stops before we meet the relative of the famous Norwegian. It is a type of road trip/travel show – but the host don´t want to visit the usual tourist attractions.
1) One part of the show is about Norwegian heritage in America. Do you know about anyone with Norwegian heritage that are doing something out of the ordinary? Or do you know about anything that can be related to Norway, and that might be interesting for our show?
2) The other part is this: Our two TV hosts want to experience the best and most fascinating  Arizona has to offer.
- Do you know about some interesting/exentric people in Arizona that are doing something interesting/unusual?
- Any sports, acitivities, events etc that our hosts could participate in?
- Any challenges/contests they could be challenged it?
- What is the “must do´s” in Arizona? What is the coolest things – something we just can´t not do?
We are looking for things that are out of the ordinary (for us Norwegians). Some examples from other episodes: Shark fishing, bigfoot researchers, gold mining, undercity exploring, buffalo hunting, ufo researchers, real life superheroes, wrestling. These are things that we have covered in other places, but I mentioned these examples to give you a picture of what category of things we are looking for.
We are in general looking for some good stories and interesting people to meet.
And a third thing:
3) If you work in/know about a tv station or a radio channel that have a contest of any kind that our tv hosts could participate in, that could be interesting for us! Our TV hosts are two norwegian musicians, and they are a part of a best-selling hip hop-group that have won the Norwegian Grammy.
We are coming to Arizona in the beginning of February.
Crossing my fingers for shortly response!
Best regards,
Sven Arild Storberget,
researcher Feelgood Film & TV production company
Cell phone: 0047 412 08 445

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