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Woman’s sentencing final chapter in gang-assault story



A Tucson woman was sentenced to three years probation, ending a sordid tale of outlaw bikers who kidnapped and beat a woman and were themselves beaten.

Pima County Superior Court Judge Hector Campoy on Wednesday sentenced Tina Louise Butz, 36, to probation after she pleaded guilty last month to endangerment.

On April 5, 2003, hospital workers called police after they treated a woman who was “badly bruised and beaten.” The woman said she had gone to a towing company to pay a bill with her two young children, who were taken away from her as Butz forced her to get in a car.

The woman, who is not being identified, said Butz took her to the Devil’s Disciples clubhouse in the 4500 block of East Benson Highway where she was taped up, beaten and sexually assaulted by four men and two women who used battery wires, bats, hoses and electrical prods on her.

On April 27, 2003, sheriff’s deputies were called to the 8400 block of East Box Canyon Road where they found Michael Dana “Two Dawgs” Towner, 39; Charles Roland “Big Riggs” Higgins, 49; Raymond N. “Golf Club” McCoskey, 47; and John Henry “Johnny Old School” Fournier, 37, who said they were injured in a car accident.

Fournier later told police they were beaten by Devil’s Disciples members for beating the woman and bringing attention to the clubhouse.

Though the woman declined to press charges, deputies arrested Butz; Towner; McCoskey; Fournier; Higgins; Patrick Eric “Mac the Knife” McGargal, 58; Brian Victor “Doc” Pant, 52; Michael “Pan Head Mike” Enriquez, 43, for a variety of charges including sexual assault, kidnapping, burglary and aggravated assault.

Higgins and McGargal also were charged with conspiracy to commit murder for allegedly planning to kill a man they believed was a snitch.

All of the co-defendants took plea deals; none admitted sexual assault.

Towner is serving 9.25 years for kidnapping and 3.5 years for a gang charge.

Fournier is serving three years for kidnapping and will spend three years on probation for a gang charge.

Higgins was sentenced to three one-year prison terms for kidnapping, solicitation to threaten or intimidate and a gang charge.

Pant and Enriquez were given three years of probation for a gang charge.

McCoskey is serving seven years for kidnapping and a gang charge.

McGargal was given time served, 407 days in jail, for pleading no contest to gang charges.

Another woman was charged with kidnapping the children, but charges were dismissed.










Pictures not available for Raymond N. McCoskey, Brian Victor Pant and Michael Enriquez.

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