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Downtown drain

How long will our city officials continue to pour money into downtown? A lot of people, like me, simply are not interested in ever going there.

Remember the Tucson House? It was supposed to be a luxury housing development that gave prestige to downtown. We all know what the Tucson House is now, I think.

Remember the twin towers? Only one was built, and instead of being filled with private offices as planned, it is just an annex for a lot of public offices. No big deal there.

Now our leaders want to go into an association with a developer with a rather cloudy past and build a microbrewery, a great business for our city to be promoting.

Encouraging the sale and use of alcoholic beverages is not something I want my city to do.

Enough lives have been destroyed by alcohol already; our city should not be sponsoring this sort of thing.

Sometimes, I think the city would open a red-light district downtown, if it could be shown people would flock to it.


Cruel, cruel summer

With all that’s going on in this world – al-Qaida, illegal immigration, robberies and murder – it seems it’s also the season for animal cruelty.

Where do all these maggots come from? Burning, cutting, torturing these poor animals – it makes my blood boil.

Yes, I’m an animal lover, and it looks as if a new crop of future serial killers is upon us.

Animals are what they practice on.

I’d really like to get my hands on one of these freaks. Too bad the punishment can’t fit the crime. Pray for the animals


Supporting subjugation

Israel’s now incapacitated former prime minister, Ariel Sharon, once stated:

“Even today I am willing to do the dirty work for Israel, to kill as many Arabs as necessary, to deport them, to expel and burn them, to have everyone hate us….

“What you don’t understand is that the dirty work of Zionism is not finished yet, far from it.”

As we celebrate our freedom, it should be a matter of honor and decency for the citizens of our nation to reassess the strong and unwavering support we give to Israel in its cruel occupation and oppression of the Palestinian people.

How can we proclaim the doctrine of “liberty and justice for all” when we are active participants in the subjugation of another people?


U.S. on wrong side

While the kidnapping of an Israeli soldier is not an applaudable action by the Palestinians, the final result of this stupidity will be the end of the two-state goal expressed for years by all concerned.

Israel’s history of ignoring international laws at the expense of Palestinians is well established.

The latest foray into Gaza will only lead to more innocent deaths and Israeli words of concern.

With the end of the Fatah leadership and the incompetent Hamas actions, Israel will destroy any infrastructure left in the Gaza strip that could be a state.

Meanwhile, with more Israeli settlements built with billions of U.S. dollars, any Palestinian hope to control the West Bank will turn to rubble.

Israel has used talks to delay fair treatment of the Palestinians.

Meanwhile, Palestinians are killed or injured with American military hardware at a rate four times what the Israelis suffer.

It is too bad that Americans pay for Israel’s decades of apartheidlike regimes.

Many may condemn me as anti-Semitic.

I say they do not want to acknowledge the anti-humanism that is the established policy embraced by Israel and, by its support of Israel, the United States.


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