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The vision behind Blanco’s

The vision for Sam Fox’s new Blanco Tacos + Tequila is to treat tequila as a premium spirit no different than fine wine or cognac, says Regan Jasper, director of beverages for Fox.

“We have a tequila list rather than a wine list, and we’re trying to focus on more hand-crafted products, rather than the bulk producers,” Jasper says. “We’re getting smaller batches from companies that really concentrate on growing the best agave rather than mass producing.”

While Patron Platinum, which can set you back from $20 to $35 a shot locally, seems to be the tequila on the lips of most aficionados, Jasper’s two favorite makers are dons.

“Don Eduardo and Don Julio are my two personal favorites, and I happen to be a reposado fan, because I don’t like it massively oaked,” he says, referring to añejo tequilas aged at least a year in oak barrels, compared to two months for reposados.

If he’s making a margarita or Tequila Sunrise, Jasper says he invariably uses an unaged (and consequently less-expensive) blanco, or silver, tequila.

“Silvers have that really tight, really clean taste that works well in a mix,” he says. “And if you mix an añejo, it’s really a waste. You’re masking a really great product that’s aged to be enjoyed for its oak.”



BLANCO TACOS + TEQUILA: In the upscale La Encantada shopping center, offering 29 tequilas, serving “modern Mexican fare in a casual-chic setting.” Great views, plus lots of tacos and enchiladas. When: 11 a.m.-10p.m. Sunday to Thursday, until 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday Where: 2905 E. Skyline Drive Price: varies Info: 232-1007, foxrc.com/blanco.html

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