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Go trout fishing at folk festival

A two-day event filled with stuff for the whole family, the 22nd annual Tucson Folk Festival is helping keep alive the spirit of storytelling that helps define the genre.

From workshops that focus on some of Arizona’s stories and songs to craft booths and five stages of music, the festival provides the opportunity for attendees to learn something new and have a little bit of fun.

It seems fitting then, that Trout Fishing in America, a two-man band known for grabbing attention with silly but informative songs, should serve as one of the headliners at this weekend’s event.

“It would drive us crazy if we had to do one thing all the time,” bassist Keith Grimwood says in a phone interview from his home in Arkansas. “We play shows for kids, shows for adults, family concerts and everything in between.”

Together for more than 30 years, Grimwood and guitarist Ezra Idlet are known for their eclectic range of songs that cover such wacky topics as nose-picking and the dreads of bed-head.

“People ask me a lot of times, ‘What’s the difference between a kids’ show and an adults’ show?’ Grimwood says. “My quick answer is, ‘No love songs at the kids’ show.’ Kids hate that kissy stuff.”

For those who want to experience the difference for themselves, Trout Fishing in America will play two shows at the festival – one in the afternoon for children and one in the evening for adults.

“I think the evening show will rock a little harder with more soloing, love songs and stuff like that,” Grimwood says. “If you see both shows, you can tell me the difference.”

When they aren’t self-producing albums from their own label (Trout Records), or attending the Grammys for the three nominations they have received, Grimwood and Idlet are teaching songwriting workshops at local schools around the country.

“It’s surprisingly educational because creativity is so important in every aspect of our lives,” Grimwood says. “People ask at first, ‘How will you get the kids to respond and participate?’ Well, we did two songwriting workshops and I said, ‘How do you turn them off?’ ”

With a sound that appeals to a wide variety of people, it’s no surprise that Grimwood says his band has seen its audience expand with each decade.

“A lot of shows we are doing these days are family concerts where everyone shows up together,” Grimwood says. “I look out there in the audience and I see three, four generations of families out there who are enjoying our music. They may be there for different reasons, but they’re all doing something together and it’s really cool.”

In its first time performing at the Tucson Folk Festival, Trout Fishing in America will play from 1-2:15 p.m. Sunday for the children’s show, then hit the stage at 8 for the adult show.



Plaza Stage at City Hall

noon – Gemini Duo with Don Gest

12:30 – Treehouse Fire

1 – Dean Station

1:30 – Bob Wilders

2 – Zephyr Strings

2:30 – Julia Dawn

3 – The Marks Brothers

3:30 – Pete Fine

4- Scotty Johnson and Native Seed

4:30 – Tiffany Jo

5 – Pete Steinberg

5:30 – Bwiya Toli

6 – Songwriter Contest Winner

6:30 – Titan Valley Warheads

7 – Kevin Pakulis

7:30 – Old Soul Sisters

8 – Jose Saavedra

8:30 – Tim Wiedenkeller

9 – Sisters Morales

Courtyard Stage at Pima County Courthouse

noon – Songwriting Contest, 10 entrants, 2 songs each

2:15 – 16th Place

2:45 – Christofer Erin

3:15 – Don Simpson and Rebecca Blaich

3:45 – Andy Hurlbut

4:15 – Mostly Harmless

4:45 – Privy Tippers

5:15 – Ice-9

5:45 – Larry Armstrong and Copper Moon

6:15 – Stefan and Lavinia

Museum Stage

noon – Aaron Jacobson

12:30 – Lois “Skin” Flinton

1 – Kathy and Larry

1:30 – Roon

2 – Kenny Voita

2:30 – Quincy

3 – Melanie Sue Mausser

3:30 – Tangled Strings

4 – Pablo

4:30 – The Bouncing Czechs

5 – Elise Grecco

5:30 – Los Hombres

6 – Leila Lopez

6:30 – Determined Luddites

Old Town Artisan Stage

noon – Brandi Miller

12:30 – Harvest

1 – John De Roo

1:30 – Anne English

2 – Shazang Away

2:30 – St. Clair, Gibbons and Kimmel

3 – Willow Creek

3:30 – Mandophilia

4 – Lance Swaim

4:30 – The Woolley Way

5 – Sabra Faulk

5:30 – Bright and Childers

6 – Hot Club of Sierra Vista

6:30 – Dambe Drum Ensemble


Plaza Stage

11 a.m. – Wally Lawder

11:30 – Robber Roberson

noon – Kalimba Magic

12:30 – Jones Gang and Friends

1 – Melanie Morrison

1:30 – Dan Oved and Pete Fine

2 – Joyce Woodson

2:30 – Mzekela

3 – Anne James

3:30 – Circadian Rythms

4 – Arnold/ Klingenfus Ensemble

4:30 – Robyn Landis

5 – Desert Sons

5:30 – Roth D’Lux

6 – Greg Morton and the String Figures

6:30 – The Last Call Girls

7 – John Coinman

7:30 – BK Special

8 – Trout Fishing in America

Courtyard Stage

11 a.m. – Tom Richardson

11:30 – Sandy Hathaway

noon – Whistle Stop

12:30 – Artichoke Sisters

1 – Trout Fishing in America (children’s show)

2:15 – Emilie and Stefan George

2:45 – Water on the Rocks

3:15 – Ed Sloat

3:45 – 80 cents a day

4:15 – Phil Borzillo

4:45 – Linda Lou and The Desert Drifters

5:15 – Round the House

5:45 – Way Out West

6:15 – Late Rain

Museum Stage

noon – Without a Drought

12:30 – Matt Miller

1 – Sharla and Shorty

1:30 – Sanford and the Blooming Cereus

2 – Scott Hallock Group

2:30 – Sarah Sample

3 – Creosote

3:30 – Liz Stahler

4 – Arizona Balalaika Orchestra

4:30 – Sally withers and Her Latin Tios

5 – Too Much Information

5:30 – Poor Django’s Almanac

6 – None Too Soon

6:30 – Namoli Brennet

New Artists Stage

11:30 a.m. – Mirror Image

noon – Jon and Jeff

12:30 – Jeanne Ruff

1 – Julia and Heather

1:30 – Jesus Lopez

2 – Nicole Thomas

2:30 – Tiffany Jo



What: 22nd annual Tucson Folk Festival

Where: El Presidio Park, 115 N. Church Ave.

When: noon-10 p.m. Saturday and 11 a.m.-9 p.m. Sunday

Price: free

Info: 792-6481, www.tkma.org

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