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MEET THE CHEF: Keith McNesby, East Coast Super Subs

McNesby regularly serves East Coast Super Sub patrons.

McNesby regularly serves East Coast Super Sub patrons.

Address and phone: 187 N. Park Ave., 882-4005

Hours: 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily

Meet Keith McNesby, East Coast Super Subs’ founder and chef.

McNesby’s grandmother started the family’s first sub shop in Philadelphia, and his father and uncle opened three more.

“By the time I turned 17, I knew the whole business inside and out, except for the paperwork,” says McNesby, 36.

Despite his hoagie know-how, he had no aspirations of starting a restaurant when he moved to Tucson. But, a year later, he’d set his mind to it, opening the doors to East Coast Super Subs at its first site on East Sixth Street. Seven years and a location change later, McNesby’s enthusiasm and love of food are still going strong.

He recently spoke with Taste Plus.

Question: What’s your favorite restaurant in the Tucson area and why?

Answer: Larocca’s Italian restaurant. I think it’s genuine food – the owner cooks the food, the service is wonderful. They know your name; they treat you like royalty. That’s what we try to do, because that’s what makes a great restaurant: The owners cook the food, treat everyone who walks in like family and have a great reputation with the staff. And of course, they only get and serve the best food.

What’s your favorite dish to prepare and why?

The cheese steak, for the mere fact that it’s a sandwich everybody loves. Those of us back East don’t only think it’s best in the East, or in the West. We know it’s the best on the whole planet!

What’s your favorite dish to eat and why?

Chicken cacciatore. It has lots of veggies, it’s chicken, and it’s just yummy.

What’s unique about the Tucson restaurant scene compared to other cities?

Maybe it’s not so much the restaurant scene, but it’s the city itself. I love that you can eat at the most unique places. The views – you could be on top of a mountain, you could be here, you could be there. You can’t get that everywhere. The city makes it unique.

What’s your favorite or most-used kitchen utensil or gadget?

The spatula.

What do you always have in your refrigerator?


Why are you a chef?

Cause it’s in my blood, my family. It’s been handed down to me. I don’t really know anything different. And I like it. I like what I do, I like people.



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