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Have fun with Webkinz

Rachael Weinstein, 9, of the Tucson Hebrew Academy

Rachael Weinstein, 9, of the Tucson Hebrew Academy

Do you want a virtual pet? If you do, get a Webkinz.

Webkinz are stuffed animals with a code on their tags. You log on to www.webkinz.com, and you end up at Ms. Birdy’s office. She will ask if you want to adopt a Webkinz. There are many different kinds of Webkinz. Some are leopards, dogs, cats, cows, horses, unicorns, lions and monkeys. There are also Lil’ Kinz that are smaller.

Once you get your pet signed in, it’s time to play and care for your pet. There’s an arcade where you play games and a game of the day every day. There is a tournament arena where you compete with other Webkinz owners.

But after the fun and games, you must take care of your Webkinz. You need to feed and play with it. Take it to Dr. Quack’s for medicine if it gets sick.

Get your food, toys and kitchen and bathroom stuff at the W Shop. You can also dress your Webkinz with clothes from the W Shop. There’s the kinz post, where you send letters or gifts to your friends who own a Webkinz. There is a curio shop where you find rare items and search for gems and an employment office where you sign up to complete jobs to earn Kinz Cash to pay for the pet food and supplies.

So when you get a chance, talk to your folks and get yourself a Webkinz.

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