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Too late to go a round vs. traffic circle demise
I am angry about the destruction of the traffic circle at Main and Drachman.

I heard about this many months ago and stuck my head in the sand. I figured it was just a bad rumor.

The reason cited for its removal was safety: the intersection is dangerous. That isn’t true.

I have driven through that intersection many times a day for 30 years and have never seen an accident.

In fact, in 1937, when it was built, it was called “an almost perfect piece of roadway that will be foolproof! It will be the only safety-plus thoroughfare in the West . . .”

Until the bulldozers arrived. it was still an excellent piece of roadway.

Mark Kimble’s enlightening column June 21 filled in the blanks (“A minor miracle gets bulldozed”).

The city OK’d demolishing a Tucson landmark to allow yet another developer its way.

Whatever is built at this intersection cannot have the charm and beauty of the destroyed traffic circle.

To me, it looks as though the city has engaged in another lose-lose situation.

As Kimble wrote, “One more traffic signal. How nice.”


Fellow Lakota holds memory of Sunshine
I am so sad to hear that I lost a long relation.

Sunshine lived and loved for people’s friendship.

I am so glad that I heard her speak Lakota and that I stopped and took focus.

For so long, I thought I was the only Lakota in Tucson.

I will bury her spirit in my memory, and I will know she will always be a “Sunshine” in my everyday glory.


Yankton, S.D.

Seized birds could’ve fed many zoo animals
I was deeply troubled to see and hear of the poultry seizure by Pima Animal Control on Tucson’s South Side.

A poultry breeder and animal lover, I recently took in 14 birds from a previous seizure.

When I heard of this seizure, I contacted shelter manager Patti Mahaney to offer any aid.

I was told that the roosters, being aggressive as fighting cocks are, were promptly euthanized, and the hens and chicks had been adopted out.

While I was happy to hear of the adoptions, I was saddened by the deaths of so many birds.

But it doesn’t stop there. The euthanized birds were sent to the landfill. More than 300 birds!

Asked why they couldn’t be used as feed for animals at the Reid Park Zoo or Desert Museum, Ms. Mahaney said this was weighing on her as well, but disposal is the policy.

She also said policy cannot be changed from within; the public must request it.

I asked 19 friends and family members to write to Pima Animal Care Center requesting a change of policy.

Now I ask that you add your voice. Make meat from birds captured from unlawful ventures available to other animals.

Letters may be sent to PCAC, 4000 N. Silverbell Road, Tucson, AZ 85745, attn: Patti Mahaney. This is something we citizens can and should get changed.


Avra Valley

56% in insurance plan for Az kids are adults
Dana Wolfe Naimark and Leonard Kirschner’s guest opinion Tuesday (“State insurance plan for kids is wise, just”) suggests the State Children’s Health Insurance Program should be expanded as “a wise investment.”

It has been anything but a wise investment. Arizona has the sixth-largest percentage of uninsured children in the nation, yet the Government Accountability Office estimates that 56 percent of enrollees in Arizona’s SCHIP are adults.

The program is supposed to cover children. It’s little wonder why Arizona ranks so poorly.

Another $50 billion for SCHIP is unnecessary. Arizona taxpayers should ask SCHIP to refocus on children, not on their wallets.


legislative specialist

The Heartland Institute


Workers’ safety steps keeping us safe on I-10
The people working on I-10 have done an excellent job. Lanes are well marked and striped clearly, with plenty of warning.

Everyone talks about the “mess” and awful problem for three years. No one seems to notice these guys are doing a great job of keeping us safe while they are working.

Keep up the good work and thanks.


McCain’s, colleagues’ role in reform criminal
U.S. Sen. John McCain is a combat veteran, former POW and war hero. Thanks to him.

In Arizona we have Florence, home of the old Arizona Maximum Security Prison. This prison is packed with veterans, former POWs and, yes, heroes.

The past does not entitle one to break law.

McCain and his colleagues took an oath to uphold the laws of this great country.

He has broken that solemn oath by refusing to enforce and uphold existing law in regard to illegal immigration.

McCain’s part in the creation of the amnesty bill, as well as that of Sen. Jon Kyl and the rest, is a national disgrace.

They should be deeply ashamed of themselves. McCain belongs in the Florence prison.



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