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Simply, defeat denies rewards to criminals
It’s so strange to hear the voices of those who were in favor of the defeated immigration bill.

They just don’t understand the opposition.

Those who opposed the bill are not racist; they simply believe in the rule of law. America does not need Mexicans.

Millions of people want to come to America to work, and they follow immigration laws.

It’s simply not right that those who break the law be given priority over those who follow the law. It’s that simple. Laws are important in America.


Folks on fixed income can’t afford more fees
Re: the Friday article “Garbage fee foes need 1,000-plus signatures by Thursday”:

I would sign this petition. I voted for Councilwoman Nina Trasoff because she promised to get rid of this fee.

It appears she changed her mind and is using these funds for the Arts Center.

The city of Tucson is making money with recycling; what about using these funds for garbage collection?

An Arts Center should use funds collected for that purpose.

To citizens on a fixed income, the garbage fee is hurting and cutting into their food, utilities, gas and other necessities.

Let rich people pay for the Arts Center.


Shopper gives account of Park Place shooting
Re: the Monday article “Police close Park Place mall after shooting”:

My family and I had left the mall about 2:30 p.m., but I returned about 3 p.m.

I was in a store near Dillard’s when I heard a big bang and saw people running through the mall away from Dillard’s.

Then came another bang and an announcement to lie down.

We customers ran to the back of the store, where the manager locked all the storage rooms and her office, I guess so we didn’t steal anything!

About eight of us were hiding in the back.

I was surprised to find the store didn’t have an emergency plan posted in case of some sort of an attack.

You never know what could happen nowadays, especially this close to a holiday!

I would think with the high alerts, the mall would have been practicing for emergencies, as has happened everywhere else.

After about five minutes, the manager said security had advised people to evacuate, as there had been a shooting.

We all filed out the back door to the loading dock near the parking lot. Police and emergency vehicles started pulling in, and people ran to their cars.

Getting out of the parking lot was a little stressful, but by the time I got to Wilmot, police were directing traffic away from the mall.

I hope the shooting victims and witnesses are OK.


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