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The big debate: All about babies

‘I am so tired of couples using doctor intervention to conceive a child, winding up with multiples, and then saying they don’t have enough money to pay for them.’

The story: A Tucson couple, already the parents of two children, await the birth of quadruplets, the result of a $12,000 in vitro fertilization. The couple has set up a Wells Fargo account to accept donations to help pay for the little bundles of joy.

Your take: Two kids plus four more on the way equals a financial burden that doesn’t add up for the members of the Citizen’s online community. Scattered among the well-wishers were several readers who found the couple a little thoughtless. “If you can’t feed them, don’t breed them,” Sherrie S. says. And Ali F. points out: “$12,000 in the bank for the two children (the mom) already had would have made a nice college fund.”

When mom, baby share a bed
The story: In a column, Opinion Editor Billie Stanton defends cosleeping – when a young child sleeps beside his mother – in light of the death of a 3-week-old Tucson boy who may have been cosleeping with his mom.

Your take: Defenders of the practice argue that vigilance is the key. K.C. “was always aware” of her daughter next to her. And SV Girl R. notes an unintended consequence of cosleeping: After more than three years, “I can’t get (my daughter) out of our bed.”

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