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Don’t forget soldiers serving in Afghanistan
Re: the Sept. 26 My Tucson column by John Fife (“Why Iraq is Tucson’s war too”):

I saw the item by Mr. John Fife; he forgot about us serving in Afghanistan.

Don’t let us be forgotten.


senior master sergeant

Arizona Air National Guard

serving in Afghanistan

Hateful comments in the wake of tragedies
Re: the Sept. 29 article “Traffic deaths of 2 teens shock Sahuarita, Rio Rico”:

My condolences go out to the families of these girls in the hospital and the young woman who was killed.

When you’re young, you feel invincible. Life is wonderful, healthy minds and bodies. You never think something tragic can happen to you.

I thought the on-line comments by Brian H. and Brian F. were heartless and harsh.

What is wrong with so many these days to make such mean and negative comments, totally hateful?



‘Natural’ selection can be a major turnoff
We can extend Chandra Ruiz’s thinking in her Sept. 24 letter (“Breast-feeding natural, not indecent exposure”). How about making it acceptable for breast-feeding women to relax completely nude?

That’s natural too, right? If a woman wants to expose herself, she may as well go all the way.

Ruiz has no business telling me to avert my eyes. I have the same freedom she does, and if I don’t want to see her feeding her baby, I shouldn’t have it flaunted in front of me.

Women today also expose their large, pregnant bellies. Some women feel this is attractive. Sorry ladies, but if I’m not your husband, it isn’t.

Women complain about obese men wearing Speedos. Now you know what it’s like to see your belly protruding below your shirt and over your waistband. No thank you.

Ladies, please use better judgment when you want to be “natural.”


Mayor’s daughter had spirited cancer battle
Far too many patients have passed through the Arizona Cancer Center.

We care deeply about all these brave souls, but once in a while a patient captivates us with a joy of life, undaunted spirit and will to live that confound expert medical thought.

Julia Walkup Middleton, daughter of Mayor Bob Walkup and his first wife, Janet, was such a human being.

Her beautiful smile, transcendent spirit and will to taste the sweetness of life allowed her to live years beyond the expected.

She was my patient, and I miss her greatly.

Julia had Bob’s smile and “can-do/will-do” spirit, and Janet’s gentle, loving kindness.

She had an extremely rare, inoperable cancer, which had progressed rapidly. Offered new treatments, she always said, “Bring them on!”

She defied all odds for seven years with remission and relapse, remission and relapse. She never complained.

Julia traveled and would call from the smallest city with the most limited hospital, saying, “Doc, you’ve got to get me out of here so I can smell the daisies.” Sure enough, she would push herself off the hospital bed and resume life.

Most cancer patients fight for every minute. We owe them every effort to prevent and cure cancer.

In Julia’s name, and in the name of many other heroic women and men, I assure you they will not have died in vain.

Our specialists will continue to strive to stop cancer.


Regents professor of medicine, pharmacology, nutritional sciences,

Public Health & BIO5

director, Arizona Cancer Center

Legislators must take care of citizens first
New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson wants illegal immigrants to get Medicare.

He said we should take care of our citizens, but they are not citizens. I have to prove I have medical coverage before I am seen by my doctor.

I know at least four cases where illegal immigrants got medical care (not emergency) though they were uninsured.

We are turning our country over to Third World people, so say goodbye to good care. How long can the medical community operate when no one pays?

Our legislators need to take care of citizens before the people who broke our laws and want us to accommodate them.

Our senators and members of Congress make a lot of money and work only about 103 days a year. You would think they could take care of U.S. citizens.


Neville the twain shall meet . . . never
Has the honorable Raúl Grijalva never heard of Neville Chamberlain?


UA has gone too far in name of diversity
Re: your Sept. 26 article “Huge first: UA hires gay, lesbian affairs director”:

Since when did choosing to live a certain way make one a protected class? Being gay, lesbian, transgender or whatever other deviancy you want to conjure up doesn’t make one a minority; it makes one a pervert.



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