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4A regional swim champions

James Kreigh Park hosted the 4A Kino, Sonoran and Gila region swimming championships on Saturday. The individual region champion in each event qualifies for this week’s state championship meet in Tempe and the next 19 fastes times across the state in each even also qualify.

Here are the team standings from regionals and a list of all the individual region champions.

Boys team results
4A Kino: Sabino 539, Sahuaro 353, Cienga 314, Flowing Wells 210, Desert View 91

4A Sonoran: Catalina Foothills 704, Marana 447, Canyon del Oro 330, Pueblo 136, Cholla 133

4A Gila: Catalina 404, Santa Rita 336, Palo Verde 256, Douglas 233, Rio Rico 197, Amphi 191

Girls team results
4A Kino: Sabino 503, Sahuaro 444, Cienega 302, Flowing Wells 229, Desert View 91

4A Sonoran: Catalina Foothills 671, Marana 429, Canyon del Oro 368.5, Pueblo 168.5, Cholla 160

4A Gila: Santa Rita 454, Palo Verde 431, Catalina 261, Rio Rico 204, Amphi 193, Douglas 172

Boys individual champions
50 freestyle

Sonoran: Herbie Behm, CF, 21.59

Kino: Ryan Gray, SAB, 22.63

Gila: Isaac Lunsford, AMP, 22.71

100 freestyle

Sonoran: Herbie Behm, CF, 48.27

Kino: Taylor Smyth, SAB, 50.81

Gila: Zachary Hoffman, PV, 50.26

200 freestyle

Sonoran: JJ Lubinski, CF, 1:51.46

Kino: Anthony Chiaro, SAH, 1:48.38

Gila: Devin Price, PV, 1:48.01

500 freestyle

Sonoran: Derek Knittle, CF, 5:01.14

Kino: Anthony Chiaro, SAH, 4:50.46

Gila: Corbin Judstra, CAT, 5:13.82

100 butterfly

Sonoran: Roger Meisfeld, CF, 53.76

Kino: John Kent, SAH, 51.62

Gila: Josh Stephens, CAT, 59.05

100 backstroke

Sonoran: Rhett Wallace, CF, 57.63

Kino: Tyler Kybartas, SAB, 54.13

Gila: Devin Price, PV, 53.20

100 breaststroke

Sonoran: TJ Lundstrom, CF, 1:02.11

Kino: Alex Tucker, SAB, 1:08.08

Gila: Chris Duke, RR, 1:11.18

200 individual medley

Sonoran: Roger Meisfeld, CF, 2:05.71

Kino: Nick Hadinger, SAB, 2:06.50

Gila: Corbin Judstra, CAT, 2:16.46

200 freestyle relay

Sonoran: Catalina Foothills (Herbie Behm, JJ Lubinski, TJ Lundstrom, Blake Hoge), 1:30.69

Kino: Sabino (Michael Massee, Wesley Smyth, Alex Tucker, Ryan Gray), 1:33.91

Gila: Palo Verde (Zachary Hoffman, Albert Riesgo, Aaron Buckley, Devin Price), 1:36.29

400 freestyle relay

Sonoran: Catalina Foothills (JJ Lubinski, Derek Knittle, Rhett Wallace, Herbi Behm), 3:20.05

Kino: Sabino (Nick Hadinger, Wesley Smyth, Taylor Smyth, Tyler Kybartas), 3:20.66

Gila: Catalina (Josh Stephens, Corbin Judstra, Josh Linsell, Paul Lizarrage), 3:41.26

200 medley relay

Sonoran: Catalina Foothills (Rhett Wallace, TJ Lundstrom, Roger Meisfeld, Blake Hoge), 1:42.67

Kino: Sabino (Nick Hadinger, Alex Tucker, Tyler Kybartas, Taylor Smyth), 1:44.50

Gila: Palo Verde (Devin Price, Albert Riesgo, Zachary Hoffman, Aaron Buckley), 1:51.28

Girls individual champions
50 freestyle

Sonoran: Abby Corcoran, CF, 24.83

Kino: Sarah Denninghoff, SAB, 24.77

Gila: Kelsey Beitel, SR, 29.34

100 freestyle

Sonoran: Alaina Kirkpatrick, CF, 55.00

Kino: Sarah Denninghoff, SAB, 52.85

Gila: Kristine Beeston, SR, 1:03.85

200 freestyle

Sonoran: Karima Chuk, CF, 1:56.61

Kino: Caitlin Wright, SAB, 2:04.59

Gila: Keri Billings, CAT, 2:03.98

500 freestyle

Sonoran: Karima Chuk, CF, 5:05.77

Kino: LeighAnne Oliver, SAB, 5:28.61

Gila: Ariel Toner, PV, 6:06.61

100 butterfly

Sonoran: Lauren Baker, CDO, 58.98

Kino: Caitlin Wright, SAB, 1:01.73

Gila: Alexa Pena, DOUG, 1:13.60

100 backstroke

Sonoran: Olivia Luko, CF, 1:05.59

Kino: Stephanie Wells, SAH, 57.29

Gila: Keri Billings, CAT, 1:04.12

100 breaststroke

Sonoran: Christy Pierini, CF, 1:12.87

Kino: Casey Moore, FW, 1:11.88

Gila: Ariel Potter, RR, 1:14.81

200 individual medley

Sonoran: Lauren Baker, CDO, 2:12.11

Kino: Courtney Dangremond, SAB, 2:22.60

Gila: Ariel Potter, RR, 2:23.96

200 freestyle relay

Sonoran: Catalina Foothills (Amy Kristensen, Christy Pierini, Amy Rogers, Alaina Kirkpatrick), 1:42.69

Kino: Sabino (Cody Carpenter, Krysta Myers, Heather Roesly, Monet Morris), 1:50.04

Gila: Catalina (Anna Stringer, Robyn Darnell, Loren Stringer, Keri Billings), 1:59.15

400 freestyle relay

Sonoran: Catalina Foothills (Amy Kristensen, Alaina Kirkpatrick, Karima Chuk, Abby Corcoran), 3:40.79

Kino: Sabino (Caitlin Wright, Courtney Dangremond, LeighAnne OliverSarah Denninghoff), 3:49.42

Gila: Santa Rita (Kristine Beeston, Stacy Beeston, Kelsey Beitel, Jennifer Banahan), 4:16.92

200 medley relay

Sonoran: Catalina Foothills (Amy Rogers, Christy Pierini, Olivia Luko, Abby Corocran), 1:57.50

Kino: Sabino (Sarah Denninghoff, LeighAnn Oliver, Courtney Dangremond, Courtney Wright), 1:55.64

Gila: Palo Verde (Aimee Alvire, Lyssa Saunders, Patricia Garber, Ariel Toner), 2:14.09

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