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Networks’ alliances questionable, too
Several political pundits employed by the networks recently have pursued the talking point that Barack Obama is “guilty by association” with his pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who made inflammatory comments offensive to many Americans.

The networks have played snippets of Wright’s comments endlessly while these pundits bray on about how terrible it is.

If one is guilty by mere association, then in fairness the same rule must apply to the networks that deem themselves fit to cast judgment on Sen. Obama.

MSNBC employs Pat Buchanan who has a long history of racist and bigoted remarks and is a proud member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. MSNBC also employs Joe Scarborough who has also been regularly criticized for bigoted and sexist remarks.

CNN does MSNBC one better by employing the truly offensive Glenn Beck and the increasingly offensive Lou Dobbs.

And then there’s the Fox News (sic) Network, where hate speech is its business model, headlined by Bill O’Rielly and Sean Hannity.

These are just a few of the pundits employed by the networks. It also does not include the many equally offensive guests routinely invited to speak on programs to make inflammatory comments for the “entertainment value.”

The broadcast networks are no better than their cable brethren in cheapening political discourse to the most base and trivial of matters.

As Jesus said, let he who is without sin cast the first stone. The networks should remove the plank from their own eyes first.



Americans are brothers under the skin
Pastor Jeremiah Wright’s sermon was a fiery lament that our country has not fulfilled the promise of the Declaration of Independence, 232 years after its publication.

Although written by Thomas Jefferson with the white, male population in mind, Sen. Barack Obama seeks to extend the promise of our great document to all Americans.

His campaign is an effort to transcend race by the affirmation that we, in America, are all brothers under the skin. While acknowledging our different pasts, he affirms the urgent need to change the dialogue, write a new chapter in our joint history.

In this endeavor, he has earned my support and admiration.


Green Valley

Making a space case for satellites I don’t usually mention the names of other letter writers, and I won’t do so today. But one recent letter writer criticizes the government for shooting down one of our satellites.

I guess, according to her, we should never place satellites in the air, as there might be some risk.

Her diatribe seems to go on and on without any one salient point.

Feeling as she does, she must not make international phone calls, as this might make use of an orbiting signal repeater, and, heaven forbid, she must not ever watch television!




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