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10-year Student Achiever eyes marriage, more college

Clair Donovan, 1998 Tucson Citizen Student Achievement Award winner

1998 award winner Clair Donovan takes a trip to Disneyland.

1998 award winner Clair Donovan takes a trip to Disneyland.

A wedding is in the near future for Clair Donovan, the Tucson Citizen’s Student Achievement Award winner 10 years ago.

And after that, she hopes, a few children.

But while she’ll want her children to always do their best, she isn’t going to push them to

• have perfect attendance in school

• never bring home anything less than an A on a report card, and

• be valedictorian of their high school class – just because she did all of those things.

“It would be nice if they had perfect attendance, but not if it comes at a stress cost. I’m not going to emphasize that it’s the most important thing,” said Donovan, general manager at a local Pizza Hut.

She started working there when she was 16 and a student at Catalina High Magnet School. It paid for her expenses through college. Then she stayed on in management.

The 28-year-old majored in English and double-minored in Spanish and psychology at the University of Arizona and said she eventually wants to go back to college to get some advanced degrees, and maybe go to law school.

She already has taken classes that prepare people for the LSATs.

She said community service is one of the reasons she stayed with Pizza Hut.

“It’s really involved with the community,” she said, adding she is United Way campaign manager there and has done volunteer activities through Pizza Hut with the March of Dimes, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Children’s Miracle Network and the “Save our Sabino” group.

Donovan said she still has the sense of responsibility that was so ingrained in her throughout her school years.

And there’s still that perfect attendance mentality.

“I’ve got to be dead to call in sick,” she said. “One of my key phrases at work is “Suck it up and get through it.”

Ten years from now, Donovan wants to be deep into motherhood and probably also have a master’s in English or a degree in law. Her advice to this year’s Student Achievement Award winner, who will be announced Friday:

“Get some sleep. (She often didn’t get much more than three hours a night those early years.) And remember your college years. Make time to have fun. Grades are important, but get out there and meet people. They will be your lifelong friends. These will be the things that will be most valuable to you when you get out of school.”



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