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Readers weigh in on cat shelter controversy

Dottie is one of the shelter cats looking for a home.

Dottie is one of the shelter cats looking for a home.

Editor’s note: Below is one of many letters the Citizen has received regarding the furor at the Hermitage Cat Shelter. The shelter has replaced its staff, switched to new veterinary services, euthanized about 40 cats and filed a complaint with police against the shelter’s former cat care manager. About 50 people unhappy with the changes have formed the Coalition to Save the Hermitage Cat Shelter.

Dismissals made over the phone

I am indirectly involved with the Hermitage. My daughter worked there and was one of the people fired because she asked questions.

The week before, she was told she was doing a great job. And then when Executive Director Mary Jo Spring found out that she signed her name to a letter to the board, she was told that she was going to be fired. And to make matters worse, she was fired over the phone just after her boyfriend who worked there also was fired over the phone. How unprofessional.

Of course, she was one of those terrible uncaring caregivers who was in it for the money. She was paid $6.75 per hour. She was willing to work for minimum wage because she got to care for the cats – all of them. Within a month she knew most of their names and personalities.

She is a dedicated worker who is now working for Casa de los Gatos for more money, more responsibility and better surroundings.

I resent Spring’s accusations toward my daughter and her friends.

(My daughter) called us in tears the day she was fired. Not because she was fired; she was very concerned with the welfare of several of the cats she had taken a shine to. She wanted to adopt one of the special needs cats. She has found out that this cat has been sent to the vet and so far she has not heard if he came back.


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