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Let’s lay down the law to ineffective legislators

Our legislators sought a pay raise in the last two statewide elections. Twice, the voters said no. What part of “no” don’t they understand?

Our legislators tried to arm schoolchildren, college students and even bar-patrons.

They refused to adequately fund bilingual education, turned traffic enforcement into a moneymaking exercise, refused to work together in a bipartisan effort to benefit the voters and asked us to vote again and again on who can marry whom – to mention only a few of their many efforts to turn the clock back 100 years.

Legislative sessions get longer and longer, costing more money without getting much done. They have gerrymandered the election process to ensure one-party control and are driven by an agenda favoring Victorian public interference in private lives.

Enough is enough; let’s charge them for their so-called service. Better still, let’s send them home with a flea in their ear.


Armed with knowledge yet still not protected

Re: the July 9 editorial “Napolitano’s vetoes didn’t harm rights of gun owners”:

The editorial says, “One would have allowed Arizonans without gun permits to stuff a loaded gun under the seat of their cars or in some other place where it would not have been visible.”

It is already legal to carry a firearm in the vehicle as long as it is in a holster. ARS 13-3102(F) exempts a weapon “in a case, holster, scabbard, pack or luggage that is carried within a means of transportation or within a storage compartment, map pocket, trunk or glove compartment . . . ”

Officers, prosecutors and judges do not always see it that way, though.

How can I be a law-abiding citizen when I read the statute, believe I understand it, then am convicted? It should never be this difficult to exercise a right.


president, Gun Owners of Arizona

Hedging Obama is shaping up to be Bush

Sen. Barack Obama says that as president, he would put more money into education and give teachers a raise.

He wants to put more money into faith-based programs through church organizations that serve indigents.

President Bush wanted to do this, but the Democrats said churches would just pull back their money and spend the government money.

There was also the possibility someone would mention God or call for a prayer.

The government cannot spend any money on religion.

Obama has recently changed his approach for the troop pull-back to about 16 months after he takes office. If you happened to be cut out of a job, he will appoint one for you.

A lot of this sounds like a President Bush third term.


Unswerving support of Israel devalues U.S.

In many years of correspondence with congressional members of both parties concerning our Middle East policy, the premise most often cited for supporting Israel is that we share common values.

Do those values include bulldozing homes, destroying farmlands and orchards, building illegal settlements and roads, occupying, oppressing and exiling indigenous people, withholding funds designated for the occupied peoples, blockading and embargoing the captive people, refusing to stop settlement construction and complete withdrawal from the West Bank, Gaza and all other Arab lands gained by force as mandated by not only the U.N. but also sometimes even by the U.S.?

By our unswerving support for Israel, we seem to say “yes.”


Is Hermitage budget catalyzing euthanasia?

Re: the July 4 article “Cat shelter undergoes major changes”:

Euthanasia was always an option, but it was used to end a cat’s suffering when there were no other options.

The shelter euthanizes 30 to 60 cats a year because there were no other humane options.

I know. I was the one holding these cats as they died.

Everyone at the shelter was told the name of the cat and the medical reason for the decision.

Now 40 or more cats have been “euthanized” in the past month or so, but the cats’ names and the cause for euthanasia have not been released.

If there’s nothing to hide. why the secrecy?

I question whether euthanasia now is used to control costs and the population. Culling the permanent sanctuary cats – the most expensive to maintain – would cut expenses, and saving money seems to be a driving force for the organization these days.


For Mile High, Dems must 1st go the distance

The Democrat convention is moving the presidential candidate’s acceptance speech to Invesco Field at Mile High, the 76,000-seat stadium of the Denver Broncos.

One wonders how egotistical one can get so subjects can worship at the altar of Obama.

Shades of the Roman emporer as he came, he saw, he conquered. Someday the scales of justice will be perfectly balanced, and I doubt that simple man is capable of that.


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