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Is Osama for Obama? Thank text messaging

What a change: Sen. Barack Obama using text messaging to announce his choice of vice presidential candidate.

By doing so, even the radical Muslims hiding in dark caves in Pakistan and elsewhere got the news at the same time without common media having a chance to place their mark on the announcement.

It would not surprise me if they are working on ways to contribute to his campaign right now. We all know that Obama’s party (Democrat), have certainly handicapped our government in tracking communication ties from the U.S. and suspected terrorists.

Not every type of change is necessarily refreshing.


Itasca, Texas

Obama not man of destiny we wait for

No one was more shocked to hear her say it than Michelle Obama. Her eyes were like saucers. She shocked herself at how easily it came after having felt otherwise for so many years.

But, she learned the first rule of the political speech: “Tell them what they want to hear.” It worked so well she believed.

This takes nothing away from the fact that having an African-American couple in contention to be the president and first lady of the United States is a huge, positive event for America.

It means America is what it said it is: the place where any man could go to the top on talent, color notwithstanding. This will go a long way to end the hangover of slavery, Jim Crow and all the rest of our stained history.

Sadly, Obama is but a blown leaf and not the wind. He sat in a church while a preacher as close to him as “family” raved hate.

He sought direction from men dedicated to terrorism, communism and mob tactics instead of a Gandhi or King. We wait for a man of destiny.


Lakeport, Calif.

Tributes aside, Kennedy needs to repent

Regarding the Democratic Convention tribute to Ted Kennedy, many accomplishments were accredited to him. But in truth, his life on this Earth is about over and he will have to stand before the Living God that gave him life and give an account the same as everyone.

God will not be contacting Howard Dean or the Democratic Party to obtain a copy of the tribute tape. The voices that will give testimony will be the innocent blood of the unborn and the abominations that God listed in scripture.

Kennedy needs to repent (the one “change” he and the Democratic Party do not seem to understand).


Itasca, Texas

McCain’s ideas as old and tired as he is

John McCain has honorably served his country in the Navy, the House of Representatives and the Senate. But over the years and through past political defeats, he has lost his vision, his independence and his sense of doing what is right despite his party’s stand or the latest political polls.

America is in trouble. We need a vision. We need a new national sense of purpose. We need a leader who can inspire us yet not be afraid to tell us there will be pain and sacrifice along the way.

Americans are resilient. We’re not afraid of hard work or personal sacrifice. We just need a vision and a reason for doing so.

Barack Obama is that leader. McCain sadly is not. His ideas are as old and tired as he is.



Pro-McCain AP writer should be removed

It is shameful that The Associated Press is sullying more than century-and-a-half of good reputation by allowing Ron Fournier, who spent months in talks with the McCain campaign about becoming a senior adviser for the Republican’s presidential effort, to propagate John McCain’s unvarnished spin and talking points across its wires to newspapers and media outlets around the country.

Ron Fournier’s attack piece on the selection of Biden as the Democratic vice-presidential candidate (or any of the many anti-Obama, pro-McCain articles he has written) was a blatant recycling of right-wing talking points. It shames The Associated Press that it was published as news.

When reading the news, we expect objective reporting of the facts, not an opinion piece disguised as “accountability journalism.”

Although Fournier never accepted a staff position with the McCain campaign, it is clear he is using the AP as a vehicle for McCain’s message. Please do not allow this to continue.

Given Fournier’s clear bias and disregard for journalistic ethics, he should be removed from his role of AP Washington bureau chief.



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