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Just Because: reality TV shows

This week’s question: If you had to be on a reality show, which one would it be and why?

Events coordinator Elsa Nidia Barrett

“Survivor.” No cookies, no cake – I would lose so much weight! Plus, my secret weapon for not getting voted off? I would become the cook. I would use all of my nana’s recipes for making delicious leaves and creepy-crawlies soups. Like they say in my big Mexican family, “Mijita, you can always win them through their stomach.”

Calendar designer Kristina Dunham

I’d love to think that I could make it on “Wipeout,” but I’m smart enough to know that the show was given that name for a reason. I think “Dancing with the Stars” would be a lot of fun, but unfortunately I’m not a star, so I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t let me participate. I guess I’d settle for “The Mole,” which would require a sense of adventure and some brainpower.

Features editor Dina L. Doolen

I don’t watch reality TV, but I have seen commercials for “The Amazing Race” and it seems that it would give me a great opportunity to see the world. However, my understanding of reality TV leads me to believe that there could be some serious adversity (and off- and on-screen alcohol consumption) that likely would limit the amount I could truly enjoy seeing the sites.

Calendar editor Rogelio Yubeta Olivas

“America’s Next Top Model.” Heck, if the homely Miss J can give the girls advice on how to look and behave more gracefully, I could offer them lessons on how to handle the media. “Hon, just be sure to carry an extra pair of panties in your purse in case the paparazzi catch you in an awkward pose as you exit the limo,” would be my best advice.

Calendar editor pro tem Teresa Truelsen

How far can we stretch the definition of reality television? I really don’t want the stress of competition, but if Vern Yip wants to decide I’m worthy of his “Deserving Design” I wouldn’t turn him down. “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” would be great, except something really awful would have to happen to my family in order to be chosen.



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