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Cardinals’ backup receivers don’t get much playing time

Cardinals receiver Steve Breaston (15), tackled by 49ers safety Michael Lewis, has four catches in three games.

Cardinals receiver Steve Breaston (15), tackled by 49ers safety Michael Lewis, has four catches in three games.

VIENNA, Va. – Steve Breaston and Jerheme Urban know their chances are coming, they just don’t know when or how often.

Such is the life of the third and fourth receivers playing behind one of the better duos in the NFL.

So far, the Cardinals haven’t called upon Breaston or Urban much to supplement the production provided by Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald. Breaston, the third receiver, has four catches in three games, while Urban has more pass completions (one) than receptions (zero).

“I think we’re working through that process,” quarterback Kurt Warner said. “The thing you have to realize is those two guys just haven’t played much at this level. I didn’t realize they only had four catches, and I think we’re going to have to get more catches out of them as the season goes along to be as successful as we want to be.”

The situation isn’t new to the Cardinals, but no one had many concerns about the third receiver in recent seasons. That’s because the club had Bryant Johnson, a former first-round pick who had proved to be a solid No. 3 over his five years with the team.

But Johnson left via free agency for the 49ers this offseason, leaving Breaston, in his second year, and Urban, in his fifth, as the leading contenders for the job.

Coaches felt comfortable with that duo, especially when Breaston showed great improvement throughout the offseason. It’s not as if Breaston and Urban performed poorly in the first three games, it’s just that they didn’t get many chances.

If Fitzgerald and Boldin stay healthy, the other receivers on the team are never going to post astounding numbers. Breaston and Urban know that.

“No, it’s not like that, especially in this offense,” Breaston said. “You have talented running backs and you need to get them the ball. On top of that you have good tight ends who can catch the ball. You just take the few catches you get, take advantage of opportunities. And the best thing you can do is make yards after catch.”

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