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Letters: Bee’s attack ads

Giffords didn’t deserve Bee-rating attack ads

Gabrielle Giffords has been an outstanding congresswoman representing all southeastern Arizonans, and Tim Bee should be ashamed of his misleading attack ads against her.

Giffords has consistently supported funding our troops abroad, stateside and veterans.

She has been a critic of Bush’s abuse of our troops by his needless invasion of Iraq, while working in Congress to make sure the troops have all they need to perform well under the difficult situation in which Bush has placed them.

It is patriotic to try to preserve a nation’s most precious resource of military lives and their families only for efforts worthy of them and the sacrifices they make. Trying to gain politically by smearing a congresswoman who has done just that is beyond desperate.

Tim Bee should climb out of the gutter, wash himself off, and find a playbook not written by Karl Rove.

Grant Winston


Reward greed with corporate punishment

I object to the bailout. These companies have been ripping people off for years.

They speculate in the stock and commodities markets, dumping $60 billion into oil alone, which is why we pay $4 a gallon for gas and outrageous prices for food.

They have destroyed our economy and now want us to bail them out. I would rather flush my money down the toilet.

If Chapter 11 is good enough for the little people, it should be good enough for the good old boys. But of course the little people aren’t friends with Congress as good old boys are.

Should we reward CEOs for doing a bad job? I don’t think so. As Mark Twain wrote, “America is the greatest country on Earth, and we have the best government money can buy.”

Earnie Fossan

retired minister

Given the chance, USA will right itself

Re: Monday article “House defeats $700B financial markets bailout“:

John McCain didn’t mess up the mess; he blew the whistle on what was to be a slam-dunk to socialism.

It is Nancy Pelosi’s job to make wild accusations, keep the economy rolling so her man can win the election.

Don’t be fooled by Washington’s dog and pony shows. Why would anyone buy into a bill with the same people who brought this crisis to us – still there Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Gregory Meeks, Jim Clyburn and others?

Hang on, folks, the Old Girl (USA) will pretty much right herself given the chance.

Johanna Stephens

In John we trust – not! He’s for deregulation

We now face the worst financial crisis since 1929. If we do not bail out Wall Street, we could all end up on the street.

John McCain recently told us we must deregulate health care just as he helped deregulate banking 10 years ago. He said banking deregulation was a “good thing” for our economy.

To “fix” our health care system, McCain would deregulate it, then put the biggest tax hike in history on the insurance.

If you get health insurance from your employer, McCain will make it taxable. If that is not a tax hike, I don’t understand the phrase.

McCain voted to deregulate banking. Why would anyone trust him to fix what he broke?

Robert H. O’Toole

U.S. Army colonel, retired

Fear put us in war; use courage to fight bailout

Hold strong! Don’t cave in to the false threats Bush presented the nation in the same manner he presented the threats if we didn’t take down Iraq.

Listen to the hundreds of economic experts who warn that the bailout will not solve the problems facing our economy.

Beverly Rosenthal

Green Valley

Choose Cage to keep Melvin from Az Senate

Thanks for your Monday endorsement of Cheryl Cage for the Arizona Senate seat in Legislative District 26.

Cage is a successful business owner and author. She understands the needs and concerns of voters in our area. In focusing on education, infrastructure and economic development, she is ready to be our strong voice in Phoenix.

Cage is running against Al Melvin, who was rejected by voters two years ago. He hasn’t learned anything from that defeat. Indeed, he still sounds like someone who would be a loyal foot soldier for the right-wing Maricopa County leadership that needs to be ousted.

Melvin calls for a nuclear power plant in southern Arizona without stating where we would get the water or store the waste. He says air-conditioned buses should be used to ferry guest workers from Mexico without explaining how to pay for them.

Melvin calls for private school vouchers but never acknowledges that private schools take only the students they want and can exclude others, including those in special education.

Cheryl Cage knows that Senate work requires a deep thinker and good listener who can work with all people.

Melvin seems to think the Legislature in our fast-growing state should waste its time on ideological battles that will only divide us further.

Cage is the wise choice. Arizona doesn’t need another extremist when the time to plan for our future is now.

Rex Scott

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