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New health-related books

‘Breast Cancer: The Complete Guide’

By Yashar Hirshaut, M.D., FACP and Peter I. Pressman, M.D., FACS (Bantam Books, $17 softbound)

An essential book about fighting breast cancer is being issued in a fully revised 5th edition. Hirshaut, an oncologist in New York City where he is an attending physician at Mount Sinai Medical Center, Beth Israel, and Lenox Hill Hospital, and Pressman, clinical professor of surgery and director of the Genetics Risk Assessment Program at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City, discuss the latest advances in the treatment of breast cancer in their landmark book, first published in 1992. They provide detailed new information about mammography, sonography and MRIs, the latest diagnostic procedures;,changes in the treatment of noninvasive cancer, improved surgical techniques, gene testing, partial breast radiation and preventive medications.

‘Outliving Heart Disease: The 10 New Rules for Prevention and Treatment’

By Richard A. Stein, M.D. (Newmarket Press, $16.95 softbound)

The information available about the prevention and treatment of heart disease is often contradictory. In his revised and updated book, Stein, former chief of cardiology and professor of medicine at the State University of New York-Downtown Medical Center, provides essential, cutting-edge, exactly-what-you-need-to-know potential life-saving information such as how to recognize the first symptoms of an imminent heart attack, how depression, anxiety, and stress impact the heart and how to assess the risks. This book is enlightening and presents everything you need to know about heart health. His easy-to-understand 10 rules represent the huge strides that have been made in cardiology tests, treatments and surgery, all backed by the latest research.

‘Multiple Sclerosis: New Hope and Practical Advice for People with MS and Their Families’

By Louis J. Rosner, M.D. and Shelley Ross (Fireside Books, $15 softbound) Since the 1990s, the study of multiple sclerosis has been revolutionized. New advances have been perfected that can help modify the course of the disease, lessen the frequency and severity of attacks, manage symptoms and improve quality of life, both for people with MS as well as members of their families. This revised and updated edition discusses the most effective treatments and therapies in what some in the medical community believe is one of the best patient-oriented books on MS. It is the ultimate reference, filled with sane information written in language that is accessible to most readers. Once known as the crippler of young adults, advances in treatment have made it possible for more than 75 percent of MS patients to function without the aid of a wheelchair.

‘Autism Life Skills: From Communication and Safety to Self-Esteem and More – 10 Essential Abilities Every Child Needs and Deserves to Learn’

By Chantal Sicile-Kira (Perigee Books, $14.95 softbound)

Whether your child has Asperger’s syndrome or is on the more severely impaired end of the autism spectrum, this action-oriented guide by a national speaker, advocate and expert, will provide help and hope so that every child has a chance to reach his or her potential. Topics include making sense of the world, communication, safety, self-esteem, self-regulation, social relationships, self-advocacy and even earning a living. This is a positive and empowering book that contains a bill of rights for every person on the autism spectrum.

‘Writing Through The Darkness: Easing Your Depression with Paper and Pen’

By Elizabeth Maynard Schaefer, Ph. D (Celestial Arts Press, $15.95 softbound)

Depression strikes 1 in 5 people at some point in their lives. Schaefer, a science journalist and editor who also suffers from bipolar depression, is convinced that by expressing feelings in words, the emotional reactions to past and present trauma can be lessened. Her book gives readers precise ways how they can understand and organize their negative thoughts, process painful feelings and even gain insight on how to cope with moods that can cripple. Her techniques include the therapeutic benefits of freewriting, starting a memoir, composing poetry and creative storytelling. There are inspiring quotes and writing samples from Schaefer’s students to encourage readers along the way.

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