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Our endorsements

The Tucson Citizen Editorial Board interviewed candidates in contested general election races. Here are summaries of our previously published endorsements.


Raúl Grijalva

Democrat, U.S. Congressional District 7

The three-term U.S. House member is well known for his attention to early childhood and public education, conservation of natural resources and our nation’s wild places, as well as his appreciation of our military and desire for an end to the war in Iraq.

Gabrielle Giffords

Democrat, U.S. Congressional District 8

The accessible, candid first-term House member embodies the bipartisan spirit needed to get things done, has an excellent understanding of issues, such as the war in Iraq, and has the experience needed to use that knowledge on Arizonans’ behalf.


Manuel V. Alvarez

Democrat, state Legislative District 25

Rural health care is a major focus for the quiet, straightforward three-time state legislator. He astutely sees illegal immigration as primarily a federal problem and wants the state to focus on drug-runners and other violent criminals who break state laws.

Cheryl A. Cage

Democrat, state Legislative District 26

A businesswoman, Cage wants Arizona to exploit its potential for solar power, believes the state must diversify its revenue sources and says the Legislature should revisit a defeated initiative that would allow state universities to partner with private businesses.

Bob Westerman

Republican, state Legislative District 27

Westerman, a senior manager at Raytheon Missile Systems, has an enthusiasm for the job of governance, an unusually deep knowledge of the troubled state budget and a passion for education that would serve the Democrat-dominated district well.

Jonathan Paton

Republican, state Legislative District 30

Two-term state legislator Paton understands government and has done yeoman’s work, distinguishing himself most recently by co-sponsoring a package of laws designed to improve children’s safety and increase transparency in Child Protective Services.


Richard Boyer

Democrat, state Legislative District 25

Boyer, a former Bisbee magistrate, has provocative ideas: He wants property tax relief, higher teacher pay and suggests teachers get the same deal as some doctors: help with college costs if they’ll work in a rural area initially.

Patricia Fleming

Democrat, state Legislative District 25

Fleming,who retired after 24 years with the Department of the Army, says southern Arizona’ No. 1 problem is drug trafficking and illegal immigration. She questions the proposed I-10 bypass and likes the concept of a Tucson-Phoenix rail connection.

Don Jorgensen

Democrat, state Legislative District 26

Jorgensen, a health care professional, promises transparency in the budget process. He wants a dedicated funding source for education, rather than leaving it to the whims of the Legislature, which has traditionally been stingy.

Nancy Young Wright

Democrat, state Legislative District 26

Wright, in the Legislature for a year, says prison costs should be reviewed, especially in private prisons. In budgets cuts, all-day kindergarten, KidsCare and prenatal services should not be touched; they save us money in the long run.

Olivia Cajero Bedford

Democrat, state Legislative District 27

Cajero-Bedford, a legislator for six years, has a deep sense of social responsibility and tried to increase cancer research funding. She is a staunch voice for education, social services, health care and services for elderly people.

Phil Lopes

Democrat, state Legislative District 27

Lopes, Democratic leader in the House, is one of the state’s outstanding legislators. He is a strong advocate for education at all levels. He has had a major role in helping craft palatable and workable budgets the past two years.

Matt Heinz

Democrat, state Legislative District 29

Heinz, a doctor, would bring real-world knowledge and advocacy for better health care. He wants to increase middle-class access to the state health care system. Safe communities and a stable educational system also make Arizona healthier.

Daniel Patterson

Democrat, state Legislative District 29

Patterson, an ecologist, wants economic justice for South Side working families. He says further tax cuts are not a good idea given Arizona’s spiraling budget deficit. Says a higher gas tax would increase needed revenues for transportation.

Frank Antenori

Republican, state Legislative District 30

Antenori, a program manager at Raytheon, is an advocate for smaller government. He wants to preserve strong public safety, transportation, basic health services and to ensure Arizona provides “a good, solid K-12 education.”

Andrea Dalessandro

Democrat, state Legislative District 30

Dalessandro, a retired accountant, opposes vouchers and tax credits, saying they take public dollars away from public schools. She is fiscally frugal and wants to encourage more business support of schools and better health care.


Marian A. McClure


McClure, who served eight years in the state House, is a passionate advocate for consumers and a fiery foe of the usurious payday lending industry. She wants to battle securities fraud to protect the elderly and help Arizona to become a leader in solar.

Bob Stump


Stump, a former legislator, says renewable energy costs will drop as our use of those sources rises. Wants to pursue all forms of cheaper, cleaner energy. Supports net metering, noting that “consumers can liberate themselves” by generating more energy than they use.

Barry Wong


Wong served six months on the ACC and helped pass and is a strong supporter of the renewable energy standard for utilities, which segues our state into less use of foreign oil. As a legislator, he worked to create tax credits and market incentives for renewable energy.


Sharon Bronson

Democrat, Supervisor District 3

Bronson is knowledgeable and competent. Despite her opponent’s hollow claims, Bronson has worked to maintain essential county services during the declining economy. A strong supporter of the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan.

Barbara LaWall

Democrat, County Attorney

LaWall, who has held office for 12 years, has reduced the trial rate while concentrating on the worst criminals. She has an excellent record in working with victims of crimes and children who have been victimized. She has stayed within her budget.

Clarence W. Dupnik

Democrat, Sheriff

Dupnik has been sheriff for 28 years and has been responsible for making the department a well-respected agency despite staff shortages. Has formed a border crimes unit to go after those who commit crimes after entering the country illegally.

Linda Arzoumanian

Republican, Superintendent of Public Instruction

Arzoumanian has held the county school job for eight years. Has efficiently served 15 of the county’s 17 school districts with oversight of bookkeeping, accounting, teacher certification and, in some cases, transportation.


For more information . . .

• about where to vote in Pima County, go to the Web site for the Recorder’s Office: www.recorder.pima.gov

or to the Pima County Elections Division site: www.co.pima.az.us/elections

• to see video of the candidates’ interviews with our Editorial Board, go to www.tucsoncitizen.com/election.

• In next Monday’s Citizen: a roundup of our endorsements of state and local propositions.

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