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Meet UA men’s basketball team



Position: Forward

Ht., wt.: 6-7, 218

Class: Junior

Hometown: Encinitas, Calif.

2007-08 stats: 17.1 ppg, 5.4 rpg

The scoop: Has gained about 15 pounds to get ready for what will likely be his last season at UA before entering the NBA.

Bottom line: A potential All-American, Budinger will need to score at least 22 points and pull down five rebounds a game if the Wildcats have any chance of competing in every game. He also may be called upon to direct the offense to give Nic Wise a breather.

Russ Pennell says: “Chase needs to take about 40 percent of our attempts. We’ll find the rest of our attempts.”



Position: Forward

Ht., wt.: 6-10, 235

Class: Junior

Hometown: Atlanta

2007-08 stats: 13.2 ppg, 7.9 rpg

The scoop: Hill is one of the better big men in the Pac-10 Conference when healthy and out of foul trouble.

Bottom line: Double-doubles need to be the norm. He’s more than capable if he can stay in the game. An average of 15 points, 10 rebounds not out of the question.

Russ Pennell says: “He’s a very good big man. Some guys in this world are tall and some are tall and athletic. Jordan is in the second category. . . . He should be one of the premier big men (in the conference).”



Position: Forward

Ht., wt.: 6-6, 209

Class: Sophomore

Hometown: San Diego

2007-08 stats: 3.0 ppg, 2.7 rpg

The scoop: Horne nearly left the program last spring but decided to stay, in part to play for Lute Olson, who has since retired. He’ll play plenty nonetheless.

Bottom line: Horne came in with plenty of hype and will now get his chance to prove it with Arizona so roster-depleted. He’s capable but he must be able to hit the outside shot.

Russ Pennell says: “He needs to get on the court. He didn’t play a lot last year and when he did it was sporadic. We need him to step forward.”



Position: Forward

Ht., wt.: 6-6, 249

Class: Senior

Hometown: Houston

2007-08 stats: 1.7 ppg, 1.4 rpg

The scoop: He’s coming off surgery to his left tibia, but healthy enough to likely start. He’s been an enigma since coming out of his redshirt late in his freshman year.

Bottom line: Onobun could be Arizona’s X-factor in that no one really knows how good he is or can be. He has the talent to be a viable force near the basket.

Russ Pennell says: “Fendi is my designated screener. He’s starting to embrace that role. To me Fendi’s strength is his strength. If he can be a big roadblock for our shooters and crash the glass and give us energy, he’s doing his job.”



Position: Guard

Ht., wt.: 5-10, 177

Class: Junior

Hometown: Houston

2007-08 stats: 9.2 ppg, 4.4 apg, 1.5 rpg

The scoop: The speedy Wise returned to Arizona after nearly bolting from the program in midsummer. He’s ready to run the team and help lead.

Bottom line: His ability to penetrate and kick the ball out is huge. But he’s another player who needs to score in the upper teens for the Wildcats to succeed. Assists will have to be close to seven a game, and he’ll have to play 35-plus minutes a game.

Russ Pennell says: “He had a big rep when he got here. He’s starting to live up to that.”



Position: Center

Ht., wt.: 6-11, 253

Class: Redshirt freshman

Hometown: Santa Ana, Calif.

2007-08 stats: N/A

The scoop: Jacobson came in as a project but will be thrust into the role of a major backup – now that Jeff Withey has asked out of his scholarship.

Bottom line: The big man has been working hard to help out, but how much playing time he’ll get and how much help he will be is up for debate.

Russ Pennell says: “He doesn’t try to do things he can’t do. That’s the thing that makes a guy valuable. Sometimes with big guys we expect them to be more than they are. He’s got a nice little jump hook around the basket.”



No.: 11

Position: Guard

Ht., wt.: 6-4, 180

Class: Senior

Hometown: Foothill Ranch, Calif.

2007-08 stats: 0.5 ppg, 0.0 rpg

The scoop: Loyal and hardworking. He’s exactly what you need from a walk-on – someone who knows his role with the team.

Bottom line: Won’t get much playing time this season because UA will be using everyone else to win. But you have to love Bagga’s commitment to the team.

Russ Pennell says: “The kids love him. He’s a great locker room guy, someone you love to have around. Our team wouldn’t be the same without him. He’s the most popular kid on the team.”



No.: 21

Position: Guard

Ht., wt.: 6-2, 175

Class: Freshman

Hometown: Brea, Calif.

2007-08 stats: N/A

The scoop: More of a shooting guard than a point guard. He’s steady but not spectacular.

Bottom line: If UA struggles at the off-guard spot, it’s likely Fogg can come in and help out. But realistically, he must get ready for a tough, physical year in the Pac-10.

Russ Pennell says: “Kyle is very intelligent and very thorough. He does what’s asked of him, and you love guys like that because they are low maintenance. They take care of their business.”



No.: 2

Position: Guard

Ht., wt.: 6-5, 204

Class: Sophomore

Hometown: Phoenix

2007-08 stats: 0.9 ppg, 0.6 rpg

The scoop: Johnson had all but wasted a year in 2007-08, when he came out of his redshirt and played just 74 minutes all season.

Bottom line: He’s known as a sharpshooter, so when given the chance, Johnson must make the most of it. He didn’t do that enough last season.

Russ Pennell says: “Zane can stretch a defense (with his shooting ability). The thing we need to get with Zane is consistency.”



No.: 4

Position: Guard

Ht., wt.: 6-3, 195

Class: Freshman

Hometown: Humble, Texas

2007-08 stats: N/A

The scoop: Judkins is a tough, hard-nosed player who can come in and help out on the defensive end to cover a point guard.

Bottom line: He’ll be thrown in right away, so he’ll have to be ready. He isn’t ready to be an impact scorer, but his defense will be valuable.

Russ Pennell says: Sometimes he’s “out of control and that’s going to be a little give and take with Garland. He’s a high-octane guy; a Ferrari in Hong Kong traffic. He has to learn how to change speeds.”



No.: 14

Position: Guard

Ht., wt.: 6-3, 205

Class: Freshman

Hometown: Phoenix

2007-08 stats: N/A

The scoop: The Mesa Mountain View High grad has been the biggest surprise of the preseason, getting a look at small forward with his athletic ability and scoring punch.

Bottom line: Lavender won’t be as flashy as Jerryd Bayless, but he’ll get minutes off the bench, giving Budinger a rest.

Russ Pennell says: “He’ll have to step up. I love Brendon’s heart. I think we need to get a little more out of him. He’s good shooter. He needs to look for his shot.”



No.: 33

Position: Forward

Ht., wt.: 6-6, 177

Class: Freshman

Hometown: Tucson

2007-08 stats: N/A

The scoop: Shumpert, a late-edition to Arizona’s 2008 recruiting class, was a top shot-blocker at Santa Rita High.

Bottom line: His impact likely will be minimal unless injuries occur near the frontcourt. There’s always a chance for that to happen. The lanky Shumpert is active around the basket, but he needs to improve his scoring ability.

Russ Pennell says: “D.J. is a little behind the other guys but the big thing with him is that he’s really athletic and has a ton of potential. He’s going to be OK.”

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