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Dashing, dancing can work off holiday calories

Sledding's great fun and burns calories.

Sledding's great fun and burns calories.

Americans gain an average of 1 pound between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, one study shows. Sedentary people put on 1 and one-half pounds; those who are more active lose 1 and one-half pounds.

We asked three nutritionists to tally the calories in some holiday indulgences, then calculate how much activity it takes for a 165-pound person to burn them off:

Holiday cocktail party

- Two glasses of red wine

- Five shrimp in cocktail sauce

- Six crackers topped with cheese spread

- 1 piece of fudge

Calories 630

Burn it off: Jog for at least 20 minutes three days or chase reindeer through woods for that long.

Brunch celebration

- Eggs Benedict

- Croissant

- Apple cider

Calories 890

Burn it off: Ice skate for 1 hour on two days.

Family dinner

- Two slices of ham

- Sweet-potato casserole (1 serving)

- Green beans

- 2 rolls with butter

- 1 slice pumpkin pie with whipped cream

- Mulled wine

Calories 1,320

Burn it off: Jog for 20 minutes for seven days.

Hanukkah party

- Two potato pancakes (latkes) topped sour cream and applesauce

- 1 doughnut

- 1 glass of sweet wine

Calories 750

Burn it off: Work hard for three hours – preparing and cooking food (grate potatoes, etc.), cleaning dishes, setting table, scrubbing and cleaning kitchen and dining area.

Breakfast on busy shopping day

- A bagel with cream cheese

- Large hot cocoa

Calories 750

Burn it off: Walk briskly (3.5 miles an hour) outside for at least 2 and one-half hours or jog around the neighborhood looking at holiday lights for 30 minutes on three days.

Nibbling on leftover desserts

- 1 sliver of pecan pie

- 1 piece peanut brittle

- 2 pieces of dark chocolate

- 1 cup of coffee with chocolate liqueur

Calories 450

Burn it off: Do a yoga or Pilates class or DVD for at least 50 minutes. Great for burning calories and relieving holiday stress and tension.

Second helpings

- Gin and tonic

- One-half cup mashed potatoes

- Dinner roll

- Piece of fudge

Calories 622

Burn it off: Power walk around the mall (about 4 mph) for at least 1 and one-half hours.

Santa treat

- 4 ounces eggnog

- 2 sugar cookies

- 9 Hershey kisses

Calories 487

Burn it off: Go sledding with the kids for an hour.

Couch potato snack

- 2 cans beer

- 2 ounces chips

- One-quarter cup onion dip

Calories 700

Burn it off: Play touch football for 70 minutes.



For healthful recipes and menus, plus more advice from our bloggers, visit dietchallenge.usatoday.com

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