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Just Because: partying at the inauguration

At  Barack Obama's  inauguration ball, we'd love to hang out with  <strong>Tina Fey</strong> . . .

At Barack Obama's inauguration ball, we'd love to hang out with <strong>Tina Fey</strong> . . .

This week’s question: If you could crash President-elect Barack Obama’s inauguration ball, which celebrities would you like to party with and why?

Arts writer Chuck Graham

I would love to party with the “Saturday Night Live” folks who created and performed all those Barack Obama skits. And maybe Tina Fey and Sarah Palin, too. Of course, I would wear my finest tuxedo as well as my best pair of Groucho glasses.

Book reviewer Larry Cox

Without a doubt, comedian Chelsea Handler and her sidekick, Chuy. Hello, Vodka, it’s me, Larry. Can you imagine being with Chelsea and Chuy for a day or two? Forget the glitzy inauguration balls, the real party is anywhere Chelsea happens to be.

Calendar editor Rogelio Yubeta Olivas

I would latch on to comedian Margaret Cho. She’s funny without being mean, and she looks as if she could handle her liquor – so it would be a long night. We’d give Janet Napolitano fashion tips and do the Chicken Dance with Raúl Grijalva.

Features editor Dina L. Doolen

Call me a geek, but I would corner California Congresswoman Barbara Lee and pick her brain about where she sees our country going and what she hopes the country will accomplish in regards to civil rights here and relief efforts in Haiti and Darfur.

But, not to be a total stick-in-the-mud, after chatting her up, I’d try to track down Malia and Sasha Obama and the first dog, which they should have by then.

Calendar designer Kristina Dunham

She was one of his biggest supporters, so I’m assuming Oprah will be at Obama’s party. I think she’d be great to hang out with because she knows so many people, and I’m sure that, if I stuck by her throughout the night, I’d meet a lot of other fascinating people.

Metromix.com editor Polly Higgins

Well, since Mr. T is from Chicago, I’m assuming he’ll be there. And when you hang with the T, you hang in style. If talk focuses too much on gold jewelry, we could channel the late Chicagoan Studs Terkel, always the good conversationalist.

. . . and Janet Napolitano . . .

. . . and Janet Napolitano . . .

. . . and Oprah.

. . . and Oprah.

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