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Letters: License-plate frames

Set plates aside; chew over meatier matters

Re the Dec. 27 article, “Half of license plate frames could be illegal Jan. 1“:

If the state has a $1.2 billion shortfall in the budget, doesn’t the Legislature have more pressing matters than to require that plate holders have the word “Arizona” visible on license plates?

Now, instead of looking for drunken drivers and illegal immigrants, law enforcement officers will be distracted by looking for license plate holder violations.

Why does “Arizona” have to show, when “Grand Canyon State” is visible? How many Grand Canyon States are there?

Revoke this inane law and get back to really pressing matters.

And legislators want a raise? They don’t even deserve the pay they get when they busy themselves with mundane things such as license plate holders.



Adjust your frames for greater visibility

I checked my license plate frame after reading your story.

I thought my frame was OK. “Arizona” shows clearly.

But now I have been told that it is illegal because it has a plastic cover over the plate but under the frame.

I tried everything imaginable on the Internet – the Motor Vehicle Division, Service Arizona, etc., and cannot find any info anywhere.

The Web sites are difficult and contain confusing information. Some of them don’t even operate correctly.

If we are going to have laws, they should be readily available for citizens to reference.

D. L. Versluis

Editor’s note: Arizona law requires license plates to be clearly legible. Plastic cannot cover a plate if hinders visibility or prevents it from being read by photo radar systems.

The law is 28-2354 and can be read at www.azleg.gov/Arizona RevisedStatutes.asp.

Impaired thinking endangers our roads

The human mind is so very interesting.

On the one hand, we hear so many people defend drunken and impaired drivers because they have “only had one drink.”

This, just before taking control of a motor vehicle that is capable of maiming and killing many people if just a single factor is ignored or cannot be dealt with because of some ever-so-slight impairment.

On the other hand, many are uncomfortable with the fact that so many of our senior citizens, even the many who have spotless driving records, are allowed to drive.

All this simply because they are “too old.”

We should remember that we do not have to drink alcohol.

But if we are lucky, we all will be senior citizens who, in our turn, will be judged by this sort of thinking!

Eugene Cole


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