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The big debate: Former bracero’s back pay

‘Actually, this may not be too different (from) the situation with Social Security here in the U.S. I don’t expect to receive a fraction of what I put in, if even that.’ Jim N.

The story: Former bracero Antonio Olivares Samaniego, 79, wants to get his back pay from the Mexican government, but can’t because he doesn’t have pay stubs or other 50-year-old documentation.

Your take: 2009 starts the way 2008 ended, with plenty of Mexican-bashing. (“I just love hearing ‘white folks’ duking it out over the Internet,” speedwayswanguy says.)

But if you weed out the quasi- racism, you’ll find compassion, or at least a little thoughtfulness, in the Citizen’s online commentary about Olivares’ predicament. Some examples:

• “To say that . . . farmworkers, braceros, and other workers ‘don’t know what hard work is’ has to be a big hurt. I work hard. Many Americans work hard. The Mexican braceros also worked long and hard.” – justtruth

• “Señor Samaniego, your hard work of 50 years in my country is very much appreciated and I thank you.” – nlf007

• “If Americans are hiring illegals, what does that make white people? Accomplices.” – SoCalMexLMC


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