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Letters: Fixing our parks

Great idea, but money doesn’t grow on trees

Kevin Dahl wrote that it’s time to fix our parks (Tuesday guest opinion, “Recovery plan should include fixing our national parks“). Great idea.

Just come up with the money. He wants $8.5 billion.

A box at the bottom of the page lists Arizona’s deficit at $3.1 billion. Cities, counties and the federal Treasury are broke, and it’ll get worse quickly.

The U.S. deficit will make the Bush deficit look like pocket change.

Incompetence: Pima County is hunting for money but continues to buy more land, which will take it off the tax rolls.

Rio Nuevo may be shut down; no more money.

We’re all broke, Kevin: Out of money. Bankrupt. Kaput.

Jerry Pulliam


Spin as autoworker fuels look at industry

I was a United Auto Worker in Wisconsin in the early 1970s. For those of you who have never worked on an assembly line, it is not easy and it isn’t fun. The work is monotonous and does not stimulate the brain.

I knew real quick that doing that kind of work 30 years or longer was not for me. I stayed on the line at American Motors just over one year, then got my first teaching job.

Veteran carmakers in my section told me, “You’ll be back.” I never returned to American Motors.

Autoworkers nationwide must have known the golden goose would eventually stop laying eggs.

Their high pay and great benefits could not last forever. There are too many new cars and fewer buyers.

The auto bailout was officially finalized Dec. 19 by President Bush. I don’t really understand it. I hope the Big Three do.

I have read that for each new car GM makes, $1,000 is needed to pay retiree benefits. That is how strong their unions are.

We have recently seen many people on TV losing their jobs, their cars, or their homes. Times are tough in the USA.

Is the auto bailout a good idea? Only time will tell.

Maybe Jay Leno can give some of his car collection away to deserving individuals. You can only drive one at a time.

Ken Unwin

Regional authority offers sporting chance

In response to City Councilman Rodney Glassman’s recent invitation for comments, I recommend a regional commission with taxing authority be formed to manage recreation and exposition facilities.

Those would include the Pima County Fair, baseball training centers, the Convention Center, etc.

Pima County and Tucson need a commission to plan and manage regional conventions, trade and spectator facilities under one regional authority.

For an example, check the Multnomah County Exposition Recreation Commission in Portland, Ore.

Competition for baseball spring training, shows and events needs a regional outlook and coordination and an end to duplication of resources.

Revenue sharing, tax-increment financing, direct taxation and bonding authority would need some legislative action.

With some taxing authority in jeopardy at the Legislature, and many looking for alternatives, such a regional opportunity should be a viable option.

Harvey Akeson

Shout out to America: Don’t be silenced

The American people and the people affected by America shouldn’t be silenced!

The Bush regime needs to be held accountable for the lies, deceit, omissions and most of all the corruption of our constitutional rights.

Maria Schindler

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