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Time to order commemorative Citizen inauguration packages

The inauguration of the United States’ 44th president will be history in the making and we want you to catch – and keep – it all.

Pre-order a set of three specially packaged Tucson Citizen issues that commemorate the historic inauguration of Barack Obama. You’ll get the coverage from the day before the inauguration, a special late edition of the Citizen the day of and an eight-page commemorative section printed on the day after.

Go online to order at www.tucson.com/store/60. Cost: $3 plus tax.

Also, the Tucson Citizen will be the first to bring you coverage of the inauguration online, with live streaming from the nation’s capital – and in print. Special late editions of Obama’s swearing in will be on sale at about 100 outlets in the city.

Check TucsonCitizen.com/inauguration for the latest on President-elect Obama



Where to purchase a Citizen late edition with special inauguration coverage Jan. 20:

Circle K 4965 W Ajo Way

Quik Mart 745 S Tucson Blvd

Quik Mart 13122 Colossal Cave Rd

Frys 902 W Irvington Rd

Circle K 2 W Valencia Rd

Circle K 1735 W Speedway Blvd

Albertsons 1350 N Silverbell Rd

Circle K 1720 W Irvington Rd

Circle K 2590 S Mission Rd

Circle K 5680 S Mission Rd

Circle K 3280 W Valencia Rd

Circle K 5690 S 12th Ave

Frys 2001 E Irvington Rd

Circle K 2450 E Grant Rd

Safeway 2940 W Valencia Rd

Safeway 1551 W Saint Marys Rd

Walgreens 1549 W Saint Marys Rd

Circle K 1610 E 6th St

Circle K 1555 W Valencia Rd

Circle K 3055 E Fort Lowell Rd

Frys 4036 N 1st Ave

Circle K 3065 S Kinney Rd

Circle K 4160 N 1st Ave

Circle K 3031 E 22nd St

Circle K 7022 E Speedway Blvd

Circle K 2840 W Los Reales Rd

Circle K 401 S Alvernon Way

Circle K 5102 E Speedway Blvd

Road Runner Market 20151 S Houghton Rd

Fry’s 3770 W Ina Rd

Circle K 3393 W Orange Grove Rd

Circle K 2405 N Silverbell Rd

Fry’s 3640 S 16th Ave

Safeway 2140 W Grant Rd

Walgreens 525 W Valencia Rd

Circle K 7475 E 22nd St

Frys 7050 E 22nd St

Grand Market 6250 S 6th Ave

Walmart 7635 N La Cholla Blvd

Albertson’s 2854 N. Campbell Ave

Circle K 4395 N Romero Rd

Circle K 7002 S Nogales Hwy

Circle K 3155 E Speedway Blvd

Fry’s 3920 E Grant Rd

Circle K 4875 S Park Ave

Quik Mart 5642 S Alvernon Way

7-Eleven 1595 W Saint Marys Rd

Circle K 2004 S 6th Ave

Circle K 3795 S Palo Verde Rd

Market Basket 5242 S 12th Ave

Walmart Neighborhood Mkt 2823 W Valencia

7-Eleven 4295 E 29th St

Albertsons 5085 N La Canada Dr

AM/PM 501 W Irvington Rd

Circle K 8590 E 22nd St

Frys 8080 S Houghton

Quik Mart 1140 S 4th Ave

Circle K 3102 E Benson Hwy

Circle K 9810 S Nogales Hwy

Circle K 5801 N Oracle Rd

Circle K 3970 N Flowing Wells Rd

Frys 2480 N Swan Rd

Fry’s 7050 E Golf Links Rd

Quik Mart 3095 E Irvington Rd

Rincon Food Market 2513 E 6th St

Albertson’s 6363 E 22nd St

Circle K 333 W Grant Rd

Circle K 5680 S Campbell Ave

Diamond Shamrock 2160 W Drexel

Frys 7870 N Silverbell Rd

Walgreens 2929 W Valencia Rd

Circle K 6525 S Country Club Rd

Circle K 550 W Ajo Way

Circle K 2750 N Tucson Blvd

Quik Mart 7667 E Escalante Rd

Walgreens 3180 N Campbell Ave

Circle K 4702 E Speedway Blvd

Walgreens 5525 E River Rd

7-Eleven 3780 S Park Ave

Circle K 4802 N Sabino Canyon Rd

Safeway 1767 E Prince Rd

Walgreens 1900 S 6th Ave

Circle K 5301 E Pima St

Circle K 3712 W Cortaro Farms Rd

AM/PM Market 2891 W Valencia Rd

Bashas 3275 N Swan Rd

Circle K 7900 E Broadway Blvd

Circle K 8630 E Golf Links Rd

Quik Mart 1890 S Mission Rd

Walgreens 1550 W Valencia Rd

Walgreens 2180 W Grant Rd

Circle K 4605 W Valencia Rd

Circle K 8702 E Speedway Blvd

Diamond Shamrock 1909 S Craycroft Rd

Food City 428 W Valencia Rd

Quik Mart 4611 N Flowing Wells Rd

7-Eleven 4680 E Broadway Blvd

Circle K 1675 N Wilmot Rd

Diamond Shamrock 2616 S Mission Rd

Quik Mart 3499 S Wilmot Rd

Safeway 4752 E Sunrise Dr

Tina’s Country Market 5975 W Westrn Way Cir 113

Walgreens 4700 E Broadway Blvd

Circle K 1909 E 36th St

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