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Leman: Eight easy steps for husbands to prove love

With Valentine’s Day upon us this weekend, today’s column is for you fellows out there.

I call it “Eight Ways to Make Love to Your Wife Outside of the Bedroom,” from my brand-new book, “Turn Up the Heat: A Couples Guide to Sexual Intimacy.”

Here we go, boys:

3. Pick up your own, her and the kids’ messes.

4. Wash the dishes. Do you know how sexy you look to your wife with a dish towel over your shoulder? That’s a real turn-on to a woman.

5. Don’t pee on the toilet seat or leave it up so she falls in at 3 a.m.

6. Always ask for her opinion.

7. Take the kids to their dentist and doctor appointments. In fact, just take the kids anywhere.

8. Hire a limo to pick her up for her birthday dinner.

Someone once said it’s the little things in life that mean a lot. As a guy who’s been married for more than 40 years in a row, my conclusion is that women tend to look at us men every day and ask the same questions: “Do you really love me? Do you really care?”

Believe me, it’s not the Bullwinkle the Moose look that you get in your eye on Saturday evening after the late news that tells your wife just how much you love her.

It’s the little things, like the things mentioned in today’s column that tell a woman, “Hey, honey, I really care about you. I enjoy being your help mate in life and I want to truly be a good life partner with you.”

Give it a try. My guess is she’ll see how much you really care.

And if you haven’t made a reservation for dinner on Valentine’s Day, it’s not too late. Take her out Saturday. She’ll appreciate it just as much, and you may end up saving a few bucks.

1. Set up a shopping date for her, and provide her with cash or a credit card.

2. Clean the basement and/or the garage.

Dr. Kevin Leman is a Tucson psychologist and author of more than 30 best-selling books, including “Have a New Kid by Friday.” E-mail questions to him at whatsupdoc@tucsoncitizen.com. Photo by Tom Spitz Photography.

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