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Letters: Effect of cuts

Consider long-term effect of education cuts

As a parent of children in the public school system, I thank Mary Bustamante for her coverage of the Arizona House Education Committee hearing held at Flowing Wells High School.

Arizona is a sinking ship, and the recent cuts to education are forcing the ship to go down faster. Our children are the first to be tossed overboard.

Not only are parents and teachers outraged, but also business leaders are alarmed.

Arizona’s Republican lawmakers must realize that education is economic stimulus.

In a time of economic scarcity, we must make decisions with long-term financial effects in mind. Imagine a generation of children who will be uneducated, unsafe and unhealthy. What future financial effects will this have on our state?

We need our Republican lawmakers to help keep our ship afloat, not cause it to sink faster.

Monica Brinkerhoff

McCains could do much for education in Ariz.

As Sen. John McCain and his newfound pal, Sen. Graham, travel the country as poseurs for the poor, let us remember:

Sen. and Mrs. McCain placed their Phoenix home on sale for $10 million! (www.zillow.com/homedetails/7110-N-Central-Ave-Phoenix-AZ-85020/7792296_zpid/). Notice the Web ad date: Feb 13, 2009.

Perhaps the McCains will use the profit from the sale to help finance Arizona education, now at its nadir.

Should they not respond to that suggestion, I have another:

Let them champion a tax increase on liquor in this state, including beer, as a budget option for education.

Just think, the senator could pal around with draft horses, especially the Anheuser -Busch beauties, selling their idea (and beer) all over Arizona. Forward ho!

Holly Hilden


Green Valley

PBS, CNBC got it right on housing meltdown

In the Feb. 14 letter “Rush’s judgment,” Harlan Hobbs of SaddleBrooke wrote: “Tax cuts didn’t cause our current troubles. They were caused by reckless intervention and ‘social engineering’ in housing by Chris Todd, Barney Frank, Maxine Waters, et al., and by wasteful government spending perpetuated by members of both parties.”

Blaming Sen. Todd and Rep. Frank for our current financial problems must be one of Rush Limbaugh’s talking points, because you’ll see this comment in print, posted on blogs from right-wingers and remarked on talk radio.

A special report on Frontline called “Meltdown” gives an in-depth financial review.

On Feb. 12, CNBC aired the special “House of Cards,” presenting a definitive report on the economy. If you can get a DVD of that program, please watch it!

C. S. Nichols

Cut prison expenses, not social workers

Thank you for calling attention to the closure of the social work school here (Thursday article “Arizona State University to close satellite social work program here” and Friday’s Anne T. Denogean column, “Cutting social work school here short-sighted”).

Putting education out of reach for prospective students seems a short-sighted solution to the budgetary dilemma.

Child Protective Services, for one, has been chronically understaffed, resulting in nightmare scenarios for staff and public alike. Closing the School of Social Work will result in fewer trained social workers.

It would seem to be a much better budgetary move to cut prison expenditures, put more people on probation who do not represent dangers to society, and avoid cuts to this and other valuable educational programs.

David Gooden

We need new ideas to get state moving again

Re: the Feb. 12 guest opinion “Private sector key to restoring AZ greatness”:

It’s great to see someone thinking of – imagining – solutions to Arizona’s problems that aren’t solely reliant on more and bigger government.

John Munger clearly has his own vision of what Arizona can be and has new ideas about how we can get there.

It will be interesting to hear more from ImagineArizona and gauge the reactions of others to the concepts John puts forward in the coming months.

Let’s all imagine new solutions rather than reverting to the tired old ones of higher taxes and more bureaucracy.

David W. Eppihimer

Try listening to Rush before slamming him

It’s obvious that Catherine Ruiz (Feb. 15 letter, “Fools rush in: GOP follows Limbaugh’s lead”) has never listened to Rush Limbaugh. Her attack against the man is sad.

She should stop drinking the lefty Kool-Aid. If she would tune in (for her first time) she’d find that all her charges are false.

Jerry Pulliam

Bush, his minions, must be held accountable

It is imperative that the Bush administration be held accountable for its many crimes.

Justice must be carried out equally in our democratic society. Many in the U.S. have committed much lesser crimes and are paying heavily for them.

Beverly Rosenthal

Green Valley

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