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More Letters: Same old pork

Stimulus bill more of the same old pork

One does not have to read the stimulus bill to know that it is filled with pork. You can tell by the way Congress passed the bill. They used the same old method of lumping the good items in with the bad items to pass the bad items.

It is the same tired old game that makes the public distrustful of Washington. If Washington really wanted a stimulus bill, it would have considered the projects individually. Debate a highway construction bill, pass it and get it started immediately. Consider a bridge construction bill, pass it and get it started tomorrow.

Consider building 25 new school buildings in Milwaukee and … whoops … it won’t pass because Milwaukee has 15 school buildings sitting empty.

But President Obama has not changed Washington. They will combine all of the projects together and guess what? Milwaukee will get 15 new school buildings it does not need – and our kids and grandkids in Arizona will pay for them, in addition to paying for schools for their own kids here in Arizona.

Jack C. McVickers


Deficit spending pours money down rathole

Like any good political science student and true conservative, I watched with keen interest as the U.S. Senate struggled with the economic stimulus bill.

While I think we do need a quick injection of federal aid to fix up infrastructure (yet there was no proposal to build a first-class national electric rail transportation system), it is only a small part of the need that will preserve America in the long run.

The federal government can pump temporary fixes into our economic system until doomsday, but it will not properly promote the general welfare of America in the long run. Evidence of the futility of that approach is clearly before us from economic history both from the distant past (I was born in 1932) and in recent times.

Real income (earned income from livable income jobs) is the lifeblood of a free market economy. Temporary jobs (and tax cuts for the wealthy) do not sustain real GNP growth. So America needs a real transformation of our economy and our tax system.

Where do we start? Of course, we start by fixing our broken and irreparable monetary system (the banking system based on private banks under the control of the “patsies” of the Federal Reserve System.

The banking system called the Federal Reserve System is permanently broken. It must be replaced before we can take a truly conservative approach to building a free market economy again.

Our monetary system has guaranteed one thing since its inception in 1913, that is, guaranteed economic recession after economic recession. We had a severe recession in 1915; one in 1920; 1932-42; 1950-60; 1968-69; 1972-82; 1989-90; 2000- ?.

Each time some nincompoop president came up with deficit spending boondoggle fiscal policies that with the boondoggle Federal Reserve policies poured good money down the temporary fix rathole.

The Federal Reserve System is basically communistic. That is why Jews and their Christian banker buddies love it. These shysters have a free reign on wealth accumulation.

Japan has been in a deflationary depression since 1990. Yet our Congress and presidents insist on using the same old failed temporary fixes that have failed to bring prosperity to Japan.

Recently, our political leaders have watched as our industrial base has been seditiously shipped overseas in the name of shipping back cheap, low everyday priced goods made by slave labor. And, plebian Americans get suckered.

It is amazing to this conservative free marketeer that no one in the federal establishment is proposing a permanent fix for the monetary system.

Comes now a news report that Timothy Geithner is going to “bail out” the failed banking system with more borrowed Federal Reserve dollars. There is only one man in Congress who promotes fixing the broken and irreparable national monetary system: Ron Paul.

Pouring money into temporary fixes is fine but, without fixing the failed and irreparable monetary system called the Federal Reserve System, America will not build the free market system that was built after the Civil War and funded America’s rise to world economic, political, social and military power.

Study what Theodore Roosevelt (a Protestant) and Will Taft (a Protestant) did for America and start from there and just maybe we can rebuild America once again.

Don Kennedy

Starke, Fla.

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