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The big debate: Black, white and off-white?

‘People from all over the world see us as the luckiest people on Earth and would gladly change places with any of us, regardless of color or ethnicity.’ – 6565

The story: In a column, Ruben Navarrette Jr. says racial issues are not just black and white. There also are Hispanics. Call them off-white, he wrote.

Your take: Stop trying to stir up problems where none exist, say members of the Tucson Citizen’s online community.

In making the comment at the top of this page, 6565 adds, “The problem with Americans of all colors is that too many of us see ourselves as victims and if we don’t see ourselves that way, the schools and the liberal media will soon educate us to understand that we are.”

“Ruben is wrong,” writes 2161. “The correct term for what he describes is ‘Ethnic Bias.’ ”

“Racial issues will never go away as long as these issues are used as pawns in a bigger game by folks like our president, attorney general and on down the line,” writes Scotty F.

And geezerman asks, “What about the Chinese, Australians, the Koreans, the Indians and so on and on?”

In his column, Navarrette referred to Black History Month in February, leading arizona native to ask, “Why don’t we have a white history month?”

“Because, every month is white history month in America,” replied leftfield.


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