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The big debate: ‘Day to day’

‘I often disagree with the point of view of the editors, but I think we need two papers in Tucson.’ rhead

The story: Arizona’s oldest continuously published newspaper will keep going, day by day, while negotiations are completed between Gannett Co. Inc., which owns the Tucson Citizen, and two “very interested buyers.” Our old drop-dead date was March 21; our new one is . . . who knows?

Your take: You like us, you really like us! Well, not really. Our “liberal slant” (to quote scholl) continues to irk many readers, but you would rather not see us die. Some representative comments:

• “What a nightmare for the staffers. Day to day. No way to plan a future if you need to do so.” rubysky

• “I don’t want to see more people needing work, and Tucson needs all the news options it can get.” azmouse

• “If you think you have a tough job, try making an announcement like that to a group of journalists. Way to go, Citizen employees ! I wish all employees exercised their right to know as well as you do.” 5945. (To see the video of the announcement to the Citizen’s staff, see this story at www.tucsoncitizen.com/opinion.)

• “If the owners were not doing this to the Citizens employees, I supposed they would be sitting around somewhere pulling wings off flies.” eugene

• “I’m sure many Citizen employees are starting work at a new job on Monday. This move by Gannett risks their severance packages if they go to their new jobs. Shame on Gannett for this!” mustberight

• “Why doesn’t the Citizen change its name to reflect its real journalistic concern and keep publishing? Tucson would go ga-ga over a paper called the Daily Lute and Cute Animals News.” franklin

• “Let this commie rag die already.” sever


For Wednesday, March 18

1 Citizen to stay open “day to day”; closure delayed.

2 Man killed in pickup crash ID’d.

3 AIG CEO says employees starting to return bonuses.

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