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Letters: Unsung carriers

Many unsung carriers ending on a sad note

Thank you, Tucson! I am 34 and have been delivering the Tucson Citizen for 16 years.

I’ve continued delivering papers for many years because it has allowed me to take our children to work with me.

I don’t have to pay for day care, and I can spend time with my five kids and still make an income.

I have delivered a paper route and a baby on the same day!

My Christmas tips have allowed me to provide my children with gifts on Christmas. December has been tough for us because three of our kids have birthdays that month.

The Citizen customers have helped in so many ways over the years, always giving me food, gifts, chocolate and the list goes on.

I am really sad that this has to end this way. I would love to thank the many great people of Tucson for all of their help over the years.

The East Side employees have become like family to me. They have helped to fix my car when I didn’t have the money, let me sub more routes when I barely had enough money to pay bills.

I will never forget my time at the Citizen and the love Tucson has blessed me and my family with. I am forever grateful.

The people of Tucson have inspired me to become a better person, and I am proud to live in such a great city with them all.

A lot of us carriers will be losing our jobs, but the only thing the Citizen can talk about is the 65 journalists. We are the ones who get the paper to where it needs to be every day of the year, without a day off! We work on Christmas! And you all can’t even mention that our jobs will be lost, too?

I thank all of the carriers who distribute your paper every day. We are the ones who helped this company for years! We deserve respect, too!

I will pray for each and every one of you and your families, too. Thanks for everything, and I hope everything works out for all of you! I hope this ends quickly so we can all decide what our next step will be.

Lindsay Kinard

Time to place blame on Navarrette himself

Ruben Navarrette’s Wednesday column (“U.S. subsidizes Mexico’s gun woes”) hasn’t changed his mantra: Blame the U.S. for all that’s wrong with Mexico.

And he never advocates for a controlled border that would eliminate most problems with guns, dope and illegal immigrants.

Navarrette doesn’t want a solution, and he brands those who do as fearmongers and Mexico-bashers (his words, not mine).

Incidentally, his constant barrage of nonsense has contributed greatly to the demise of this newspaper.

I. Russell

Common threads tied newspaper, readership

As a 52-year Tucsonan and Citizen reader, I am sorry to be at the paper’s demise.

I always was an evening newspaper reader, and that is now kaput! My best wishes to Billie Stanton, other column authors and everyone at the Citizen.

But that is not all. Stanton’s Feb. 28 column told me she knows Clarinda, Iowa. Only a few people here know Clarinda.

A few years back, I met someone from Clarinda who was about my age who knew some of the kids I palled with during my summer there.

After I was born at 214 N. 17th St. in 1924, my parents took me to Detroit. But I managed to spend summers with my grandparents for more than 10 years.

Best of luck when you shift activities in a new direction.


Congress protects AIG to guard its pensions?

AIG is too big to be allowed to fail. Isn’t that what we’ve been told? And they should be handed bailout bucks, regardless of all the bonuses they claim must be given to executives who put the company into a position where it needs to be bailed out.

Great logic.

Could the fact that AIG is the company that insures the pension trust established for our senators and representatives have anything to do with the willingness to hand AIG more dollars borrowed from the future? Doesn’t it make you wonder what else we don’t know about who is being protected and why?


Goodbye to Citizen won’t mean hello Star

In 1961, new in Tucson, I bought an Arizona Daily Star. It was a pathetic amateur rag. I’ve seen better high school papers.

I never bought another copy. Sometimes I see the paper in the barbershop or restaurant, and it’s still the same.

I changed to the Citizen and have enjoyed it, though after Gannett came along it started downhill because of the left/ liberal leaning of the editorials and of (Mark) Kimble, (Anne) Denogean and (Billie) Stanton.

I will miss certain things and people, such as the funnies (virtually all of them); On This Date; Tom Stauffer, who guided us to so many good eateries (mostly Mexican ones of the South Side which we never would have found); Peter Bronson; and Mallard Fillmore.

I liked Larry Cox’s columns, but after reading the slurs he wrote about Dick Cheney in a recent Calendar, I’ve decided I can get along without reading his articles.

I’ll miss the Citizen, but you did it to yourselves and now I have to be without a paper because of your and Gannett’s wacko politics, which slowly led to your demise. I will not buy the Star.


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