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Q. You mentioned Saturn, but what other bright objects can I see? There are some bright stars out right now.

A. Apart from Saturn the other planet visible (but only briefly visible) in the evening sky is brilliant Venus, which can be found starting 15 to 20 minutes after sunset just a few degrees above a clear, unobstructed western horizon. Venus is so bright that it will shine though thin layers of clouds and haze. Other than Venus there are the bright stars of winter. Available to view will be orange Betelgeuse (the shoulder of Orion the Hunter), which shines left and above Orion’s three glittering belt stars. Slightly brighter is blue-white Rigel to the belt’s lower right. Brighter than Betelgeuse or Rigel is the “Dog Star” Sirius, which can be easily found by following Orion’s belt downward or south. Blue-white Sirius is the brightest actual star in the night sky.

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