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UAPD honors 11 who helped police

University of Arizona police honored 11 people Tuesday for help they gave UA police that lead to arrests of criminal suspects.

“We recognize that officers can’t be everywhere all the time” and “this shows how the community can help the police,” said UA police Sgt. Juan Alvarez of the 11 people.

The awards were given during a ceremony from 1 to 2:30 p.m. at UAPD headquarters, 1852 E. First St.

Those being honored and their actions are:

• Campus visitor Erik Bright and UA custodial employee Alex Leon. Leon and Bright saw a bike theft in progress on campus. Because of their excellent description of a suspect and their willingness to assist officers in identifying a detained suspect as the thief, officers were able to make an arrest.

• University employees Mark McGhee, Michael Sutton and Anthony Ramirez saw a person carrying a large plaque near North Mountain Avenue and East Second Street and decided it looked suspicious and talked to police. Officers contacted the person, determined the plaque had been stolen from Alpha Phi sorority and arrested the suspect.

• UA graduates Jessica Marshall and Jared Horowitz, while walking in the area of Hillenbrand Pool, saw a man spraying paint on a building. They contacted police about the incident and were able to identify the suspect for police, which resulted in an arrest.

• Campus visitor Miguel Angel Lopez had his bicycle stolen from campus and reported it to police. Lopez began checking Web sites such as eBay and craigslist to see if the thief might try to sell the stolen bicycle. Because of the distinctive design of Lopez’s bike, he was able to identify it for sale on craigslist. Lopez called police again and was willing to work closely with officers to find the suspect. Because of his initiative in conducting his own investigation, Lopez was helpful in finding the suspect and in getting the stolen bicycle back

• University student Bryce Baker was sitting outside the Coronado Residence Hall when he saw three men stealing a bicycle. Because of Baker’s quick call to UAPD and his willingness to assist officers in identifying the suspects, police were able to make arrests in the case.

• University students John Murphy and Alex Orth were on the fourth floor of the Main Library when they saw a suspicious person wandering in the area. They called police immediately and gave important details regarding the suspect. Because of their quick response and willingness to work with police, officers were able to detain the suspect, connect him to several thefts at the library and arrest him.

• Terry Jennings, a campus visitor from Illinois, was in the Student Union when he saw a woman threatening to rob a female student at knifepoint. Jennings placed himself between the suspect and the victim and the suspect ran away.

Jennings was able to follow the suspect and was instrumental in guiding police to the woman. Because of his quick thinking and response to a potentially harmful incident and his willingness to work with officers, the suspect was arrested.

All 11 received a department challenge commemorative coin and a certificate of recognition signed by UAPD Chief Anthony Daykin.

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