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The big debate: “Extreme” problems

‘Everyone except the builder’s coming out ahead. Appreciate it, stop the complaining.’ Bike Tucson

The story: The free home that “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” built for a family on the Navajo Nation is too cold to live in, and costs too much to heat. Some family members have moved out.

Your take: Not much sympathy (surprise!) from the Citizen’s online community, whose attitude is “You get what you pay for.” Or, as outofstate puts it, “Sometimes, it costs more when it’s free.”

Some representative comments:

• “Would you like some cheese with that whine?” – skooter72

• “Wow, so that dream house wasn’t perfect after all? Thanks for letting us readers know about the problems that follow such a quickly built ‘mansion.’ ” – 2667

• “I saw that episode, and the house they have now is still way better than the trailer they were in. . . . But I do think the companies involved need to take care of, and stand behind their work.” – azmouse

• “I guess no one on ‘Home Makeover’ researched the winter climate of the Navajo Nation. Tucson or Phoenix, it is not. It’s a shame that they leave these people with shoddy construction, to suffer more than they already have.” – fidel

• “You get what you don’t pay for.” – scottyf

• “Haste makes waste.” – f4fixer



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