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Humor: Not so funny, Obama

President Obama, on CBS’ “60 Minutes,” laughed at the plight of autoworkers after he joked about the Special Olympics on “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno. Obama laughs at the worst things. Thank goodness the Founding Fathers gave us a vice president to go to foreign funerals.

THE President’s huge housing bailout plan has ignited a nationwide fury. Homeowners who pay their mortgages on time are enraged at having to pay those of their delinquent neighbors. Only months after former President Bush moved into his new house, the real estate industry is being destroyed by sectarian violence.

GOP Chairman Michael Steele angered Republicans when he said abortion is an individual choice. That’s party heresy. It would be like the chairman of the Democratic Party calling for banks to run credit checks on people applying for a loan.

President Obama proposed a cap on executive salaries in all publicly traded corporations in the U.S. This idea will never make it through Congress. All the executives have to do is tell Rep. Barney Frank that they won’t be able to afford to make campaign contributions and the salary cap will die in committee.

Disneyland this week premières the new It’s a Small World ride in southern California after two years of renovations. The operators do a great job of keeping the theme park up-to-date. Tomorrowland is now a scale model of Mexico City.

The Transition flying car was successfully tested in New York. It’s got wings that fold down from the vehicle’s sides and it takes flight at 100 mph. The FBI now has to spot terrorists when they enroll in traffic school.

Major League umps started a training camp to teach U.S. Marines who’ve just returned from Iraq how to umpire ballgames. It’s a crash course. It’s the first sign that the ballplayers aren’t giving up steroids when we have to bring in the Marines to keep sectarian violence from breaking out between the Yankees and Red Sox.

“Duplicity” starring Clive Owen and Julia Roberts opened huge. They play secret agents who swindle two corporations out of billions. In the original script, they swindled evil oil sheiks, but the test audiences weren’t mad enough at them.

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